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Anisa Shkembi 

Transition Coordinator

Year 7  marks the transition from primary to secondary school and is significant in the life of every boy. This is a time of enormous change – cognitive, physical, social and emotional.

At this stage of their education, boys experience new challenges including a larger physical environment, new teachers, a larger peer group and increased opportunities for self-awareness and independence. Our experience shows in order to manage these challenges successfully, boys and parents need guidance, support and information. The Year 7 Transition Program aims to provide this to each boy and his family.

By the time your son arrives in the Urwin Centre for Learning, he will be familiar with the physical grounds, his peers, the teaching staff and the School culture. Our Transition Program aims to build confidence and resilience in your son as he begins to develop positive relationships with key staff members and a new peer group.

We look forward to meeting your son and working with your family. We actively encourage each and every boy to embrace all the wonderful and varied opportunities on offer.


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