Guiding Quotation 2020


“Believe in the whisperings of God to your own heart” – St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, 1868.

Context for the quote chosen to inspire us throughout 2020

Our College theme for 2020, “Believe in the whisperings of God to your own heart” is a direct quote from a young, Mary, deriving from a discussion with her mother in 1868. Possibly, she spoke these words to her mother, as a means of consoling her during the period following her father’s death, as he had passed away during this same year.

How are these words challenging us in 2020?

We live in a chaotic world, full of distractions and our lives are always on the go. It seems that every day is growing faster and we are constantly rushing from one moment to the next, rarely stopping to even take a breath! How do we find God in the busyness of our lives? How do we truly build a relationship with God? How is it possible to hear God’s voice amidst the chaos of never-ending noise?

We turn to St Mary of the Cross MacKillop for our inspiration. Mary found the way to building a rich, deep relationship with God by purposely taking time out to sit in silence, meditate and listen for God’s voice in the whispers to her own heart.

Mary’s words, “Believe in the whisperings of God to your own heart”, challenge us, as a College community, to each actively seek out opportunities to listen to God’s whisperings. We need to develop the art of being still, quiet and silent and to free ourselves from the continuous distractions of everyday life. In this manner, we open ourselves up to what may be revealed to us by God in the stillness and quietness of our own hearts. Further, it calls us to develop our own passion for prayer and a willingness to share and speak freely with God, in order to manifest a truly, intimate relationship with God.