The college is conducted by the Parish Priests of the Member Parishes who form the governing body which is the Association of Canonical Administrators of Penola Catholic College.

Information for parents and community members:

College Board Membership

  • Up to two Parish Priests appointed by the Parish Priests of the Member Parishes.
  • The Principal of Penola Catholic College.
  • An Honorary Financial Adviser.
  • Two staff representatives, one from each campus, elected annually from and by the staff of the College.
  • Four parents or guardians, (not employed by the College).
  • A representative of the Parents’ and Friends’ Association, elected from and by the committee of that association.
  • Two senior students of the College (School Captains).
  • Up to two members, nominated by the Board for specific purposes and for a limited time.
  • The Business Manager of the College (to provide financial data to the Board).
  • Board Secretary.

College Board – 2020

Executive Officer – Mr Christopher Caldow

President of the Association of Canonical Administrators – Fr Duc Thien Vo

Chairperson – Mrs Alfina Astuto

Deputy Chairperson – Mrs Carmen Alongi

Parent representatives

Mr Anthony Alizzi – Parents & Friends Representative

Mrs Vivien Miles – Parent Representative

Mr Chris Lang – Parent Representative

Mrs Julie Lyons – Co-opted Parent

Mrs Marija Cakarun – Co-opted Parent

Honorary Financial Consultant – Mrs Alfina Astuto

Staff representatives

Broadmeadows campus – Mrs Angela Xidias

Glenroy campus – Mr Stuart Harrison

College Captains

Miss Taniya Senanayake

Miss Ellie Tektonopoulos

Business Manager – Mrs Jennifer Vinten

Secretary – Mrs Rose Crocitti

Board Executive Committee

Mr Chris Caldow

Mrs Mary Anastasopoulos

Fr Duc Thien Vo

Mrs Carmen Alongi

Board Finance

Mr Chris Caldow

Mrs Alfina Astuto

Mr Rob Dullard

Mrs Jennifer Vinten