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VET - VCAL Programs

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Vocational Education & Training (VET)

VCE students can select one or two VET Certificates to include in their program. These TAFE Certificates are counted as VCE subjects and are referred to as VCE-VET studies.

Penola Catholic College offers nine Certificates to choose from and these, when completed, provide a start for students entering TAFE, Employment, or Traineeships and Apprenticeships. Because they are taken over two years, the VCE-VET studies must be started in Year 11 or earlier. In addition to this, VET provides the opportunity for students to become School Based Apprentices or Trainees. With these programs students find an employer to take them on a part time basis (for example, one or two days per week, as determined by the College) whilst they attend school on the other days. VCE students can only choose from the list of College run VET courses.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

Introduced in 2004, this Senior Certificate sits alongside the VCE to help students develop knowledge and skills to prepare for further training and employment.

Designed as a one year certificate by the Victorian Qualifications Authority (VQA) to better cater for the needs of those students who learn best by “doing”, VCAL has 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Senior. Students may begin at the level that matches their needs and abilities. Students may commence at Year 11 at the Foundation or Intermediate level and in the following year move to complete a second VCAL certificate at the  Intermediate or Senior level. Students who completed Year 11 VCAL, or students who wish to move from VCE to VCAL at the end of Year 11, would take the Year 12 VCAL Certificate at the Intermediate or Senior level in the following year. All VCAL students must select a VET Certificate subject as part of their program and organise a work placement.

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