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Student Dress Code

The Dress Code is a detailed written statement of the expectations that the College Board holds with regard to student appearance.
The Dress Code applies during College hours (including travelling to and from the College) and when students are engaged in College activities out of College hours, or personal activities whilst wearing the College uniform (medical appointments, shopping, etc.).

The Penola Catholic College Dress Code aims to
1. Accurately reflect the values of the Penola Catholic College community
2. Create a sense of collective and individual pride in students and their identification with Penola Catholic College
3. Promote a positive College image within the wider community

Uniform Requirements:
All students are required to own and wear the prescribed Penola Catholic College uniform.
Uniforms should be kept clean, pressed and mended, and shoes must be kept clean and polished.  Frayed trouser / tracksuit hems are not permitted.
All items of clothing, including shoes, should be clearly named.

The new College uniform has been phased in over a number of years; with all students required to be wearing the new uniform for the commencement of the 2018 school year. We have however decided to delay the introduction of the new blazer for Year 10 students until 2018.
Only regulation items of clothing purchased from the authorised College supplier may be worn at the College - (No non College approved garments are to be worn.

*Navy blazer compulsory for Year 10 in 2018.



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