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The Parents & Friends Association (PFA) exists to support the College by fostering an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere within the College. It conducts a number of activities for community building and fundraising.

The committee meets monthly.

The PFA gratefully welcomes new members.

Meetings start at 7:00pm and are held on either the:

Broadmeadows Kerrsland Boardroom alongside the Broadmeadow Campus (the historical building in the middle of the college)

or in the

Glenroy Staffroom alongside the Glenroy Campus (enter via gate on Pengana Ave)

2018 Meeting Dates:

Term 1 – in the staff room at the Glenroy Campus

Monday 5th February
Monday 5th March

Term 2 – in the Kerrsland Building at the Broadmeadows Campus
Monday 7th May
Monday 4th June

Term 3 –  in the Kerrsland Building at the Broadmeadows Campus
Monday 6th August
Monday 3rd September

Term 4  in the staff room at the Glenroy Campus
Monday 29th October
AGM – Monday 3rd December 2018

Parent / Guardian Volunteer roles

Parent involvement has been shown to improve student’s success rates at school and promotes greater awareness between the College and each family.

To express an interest in attending a meeting or to volunteer to participate in any committee, please contact Nicole Allan on (03) 9301 2790 or email:


The PFA provide scholarships to benefit the students within the College community. The Scholarship program recognises and encourages students who strive for excellence in a wide range of disciplines, and believes that it is important that students develop:

  • Skills of creativity;
  • a spirit of enquiry;
  • self-discipline;
  • critical awareness;
  • a sense of community;
  • skills in leadership;
  • and a desire for academic excellence.

We endeavour to support students by providing a number of Scholarships each year for the following categories:

  • Personal Endeavour
  • Co-curricular
  • Academic Excellence
  • Community Spirit

The Scholarships are for $400 each to assist with the payment of school fees or the purchase of school books and uniform.

Students in Years 7 – 11 may apply for a scholarship for the following year.

Application forms are available to students late Term 3.

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