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Science is a part of everyday life. Through an integrated and "hands on" curriculum we teach students to acquire skills, appreciate and apply Science.

The Science curriculum at Penola Catholic College encourages and helps students to develop knowledge and understanding of scientific theories, principles and ideas, and enables students to explain and predict events in natural and physical settings. Students develop and use the skills of scientific investigation and reasoning, and they learn to communicate scientific understanding using appropriate scientific language.

Science has many Co-Curricular Programs such as Science Club, Science Fair, Science Competition and Science Drama. Science Club runs once a week during lunch time all through the year. Science Fair is held at the Hume Global Learning Centre every year during Science Week. Science Drama is a competition held every year and is conducted by the Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV). Science International Competition is held in May and is conducted by the Education Assessment Australia NSW.

Science also has the Tenison Woods Excellence in Science Award that goes to the most deserving Year 12 Student.

Year 7

Students learn Scientific Skills, Chemical Science, Physical Science, Biological Science and Earth and Space Science. The students are also involved in the integrated project on endangered species called “ All but lost”. Through this activity their learn how to classify organisms.

Year 8

Students learn the Scientific Skills, Chemical science, Mechanical Structure, Biological Science, Geology and Environmental Science. A special feature at this year level is the "My Body My Choice" which is integrated into the curriculum.

Year 9

Students are exposed to all key science learning areas which include, Earth Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science and Biological Science. These are covered in a topic approach, one topic each term. A special feature at this year level is an Integrated Project called " Source to Sea". This Project also incorporates Physical Education, English and Humanities. The students are given an opportunity to present the finding of their study to the wider Penola Community. As a part of the co- curricular program the year 9 students participate in the Science fair making many models and exhibits.

Year 10

Students are given the opportunity to pursue courses that they are both good at and enjoy. There are three major

Electives that run at this level and are as follows:

  • Science A - involves Environmental Science & Health Science
  • Science B - involves Physical Science & Chemical Science
  • Science C - involves Biotechnology & Psychology.

As a part of Science week the Year 10 Chemistry students are given an opportunity to attend the “Hartung Lecture” at RMIT.


Students complete the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) in the following science subjects:

  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

At this stage of their schooling students find that their abilities, interests and career aspirations take them in different directions. Hence Penola Catholic College endeavours to prepare students for careers in Science by giving them exposure to programs based outside school. For instance students are taken to the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) where they get an opportunity to work closely with young scientists and at ECOLINC to conduct practical investigations like Micro-propagation. The College also gives students an opportunity to have industry based learning.

At VCE level students are able to study from a range of different Science subjects, for more information on each subject please use the year level handbook links to the right.

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