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Religious Education

We assist students to integrate faith and life through the provision of a high quality, comprehensive Religious education curriculum which complements the vital Faith Development opportunities provided.

Each year level from Year 7 - 10 covers topics concerned with:

Year 11

In Year 11, as students mature, they are challenged to question their actions in the world through a deeper study of Christian ethics which includes:

Theology of the Body
  • The ethics of relationships
Building the Kingdom through Christian Service
  • Incorporating four weeks Christian Service carried out in the local community
Understanding Religion in our world
  • The ethical approaches of different world religions

Year 12

Ethical Decision Making

Year 12 students choose units offering the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the ways in which faith and life integrate

Units Include
  • Faith and Drama
  • Faith and Music
  • Faith and Sacred Art
  • Faith and Science
  • Faith and the Enviroment
  • Faith, Sexuality and Relationships

Penola Catholic College requires students in their first year of VCE to complete Religious Education for the whole year. The College offers students the choice of completing Unit 2 Religion and Society or undertaking a combination of Units 3 and 4 from either Texts and Traditions or from Religion and Society by extension.

In the second year of VCE students will be required to undertake the College-based program of Religious Education. This program requires students to choose two units from a selection of electives. Each unit runs for 2 periods each week for one term. Students will also participate in one common unit in Term 3, Sexuality and Christian Living. Each student will therefore undertake one unit each term for three terms.

VCE Level

All VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) students, both in their first and second years, will be required to attend a retreat. Opportunities are provided for students to reflect on their lives and participate in prayer and liturgy throughout the VCE.

Catholic Education Melbourne provides an in depth website as support for students, parents and teachers of Religious Education.

At VCE level students are able to study one of two Religious Education subjects, for more information on each subject please use the year level handbook links to the right.

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