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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts at Penola Catholic College encourages students to reach outside of their comfort zone and try something different.

Through both Music and Drama, students analyse, create and perform musical and dramatic works. Music is a core subject at Year 7 and an elective from Year 8 through to VCE.

Drama is a core subject at Year 7 and is an elective from Year 9 through to VCE. Both subjects are complemented by an extensive co-curricular programme.

  • Year 7

    Year 7 Drama is a performance based introduction to the dramatic arts. Students analyse and explore storytelling, mime and movement, Commedia dell’Arte (the Italian forerunner to modern comedy) as well as a brief introduction to circus performance. Drama focuses on student self-confidence and team work through regular student involvement with practical tasks.

    Year 9

    Drama is an elective subject that students choose to undertake for one semester. Through performance, students explore voice and movement skills, stagecraft and working with scripts. To complement this, students reflect upon their own performances and the performances of renowned actors.

    Year 10

    An elective subject for 4 periods per week, Year 10 Drama builds on the skills acquired in year 9. The main focus is on performance of different theatrical styles including pantomime, Greek theatre and Shakespeare. This also allows students to build upon skills and understanding of scripted texts acquired through English.

    VCE level

    At VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), Year 11 Drama focuses students’ attention towards creating original dramatic works. Using specific stimuli, students research and develop solo and ensemble scripts for performance. They document their research to assist in the development process. Students reflect on their own performances and the performances of professional actors to further develop their own skills.

    At VCE level students are able to study from a selection of Performing Arts subjects, for more information on each subject please use the year level handbook links to the right.

  • Year 7

    Year 7 Music focuses on learning and understanding music through the practice of music. That is, through learning and applying ideas through playing an instrument. They work in small ensembles and a larger class band setting to experience the joy of music making with other students their age. Students also explore storytelling through music.

    Year 8

    Year 8 music allows students to delve deeper in to the way in which contemporary music is built and constructed. By listening to and analysing their favourite songs, students learn about the difference parts of a pop song and apply it to their own compositions and performances. Students heavily utilise information and computer technology to create and publish their own compositions. They explore instrument construction.

    Year 9

    An elective subject for 3 periods per week, Year 9 music is centred around Blues music and how it has influenced contemporary popular music. Through a practical and analytical approach, students learn how to compose and perform music in a number of different Blues styles. They further build their skills in ICT by using ‘industry standard’ music software in realising their compositions.

    Year 10

    An elective subject for 4 periods a week, students are given the option of studying Music either for a semester or a full year. Students study, explore and discuss a variety of music styles and forms including music for film and musical theatre. They apply their discoveries in their own solo and ensemble performances and compositions. The full year subject is ideal for students who are considering undertaking VCE studies in music.

    VET (Music) Technical Production (Year 11 and 12)

    VET (Vocational Education and Training) - A two-year industry focussed course designed to introduce students to the skills and techniques required to work within the music industry. Students learn how to effectively utilise sound reproduction and recording equipment as well as management and organisational skills. Students also learn about the ramifications of intellectual property and copyright law. Students will also record and mix a ‘demo’ track.

    VCE (Music)

    VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) music is a performance-focussed subject. Students undertake intensive study on their chosen instrument to prepare for a professional-standard recital at the conclusion of Year 12. Students study approaches used by professional performers to prepare for and optimise performances. They reflect on their performances and progress and develop strategies to improve their technique and abilities. Through listening, analysis and the study of music theory students gain a greater insight in to the works they prepare for performance.

    At VCE level students are able to study from a selection of Performing Arts subjects, for more information on each subject please use the year level handbook links to the right.

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