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This House is named after the Founding Principal of Penola Catholic College Mr. Thomas J Smyth.

SMYTHBorn in Melbourne in 1954, Mr. Smyth taught at both regional and metropolitan schools.

In 1994 he was appointed Principal Designate to the new college, which was to open the following year.

During this time he oversaw the planning necessary for the establishment of the new school.

In 1995, as the Founding Principal of the newly amalgamated school, Mr. Smyth had many challenges to face including the development of a sense of community and belonging to the new school, the improvement of facilities including buildings and grounds and the formation of a new school culture and tradition to meet the needs of a Catholic co-educational environment.

With Mr. Smyth's leadership, the College under the patronage of Blessed Mary MacKillop, developed and established itself in the community as a vibrant living educational institution bearing witness to the Gospel.

Smyth is represented by the Phoenix, in honour of the three colleges, Geoghegan, Sancta Sophia and Therry which amalgamated and were reborn as Penola Catholic College.

Smyth Theme Song

We are Smyth house,
The greatest house of all
Fastest on the track
And fastest in the pool
No one beats us when we run or swim,
The cup is ours to win
We are the best house,
You know it’s true

Junior Campus:
35 William St., Glenroy, VIC 3046
Senior Campus:
29 Gibson St., Broadmeadows, VIC 3047
Postal Address:
PO Box 637, Glenroy, VIC 3046

(03) 9301-2777
(03) 9301-2770