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This House is named after Victorian born Sr Livinus Nolan who entered the Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph in 1899.

NOLANFor about 30 years she taught in Victorian schools until she was appointed in 1931 to take charge of St. Joseph's Foundling Home in Broadmeadows.

Six years later, at the request of the Archbishop of the time, the Sisters were asked to take charge of a maternity hospital - St Margaret's, Darlinghurst N.S.W.

Sr Livinus was entrusted by her Order with the responsibility for this new venture and so left Broadmeadows in 1937.

In her contacts with people and things, Sr Livinus never lost sight of her personal relationship with God.

She had a profound spirit of faith and a consistent fidelity to the ideas of her religious vocation.

She was a person of strong character, notably affable, always unruffled and had a very approachable personality.

Despite her own illness and physical disabilities of which she had her fair share, she worked on uncomplainingly in a way which astonished and edified all around her.

Sr Livinus was born into eternal life on the 10th August 1960.

The Nolan House is represented by the tiger, like Sr Livinius, the tiger represents confidence and courage.

In the face of life's challenges, members of Nolan House devote themselves to their cause even where difficult obstacles may need to be overcome.

Nolan Theme Song

Oh we’re from Nolan House
A purple army we’re from Nolan House
Whatever the endeavour you will see us trying to win
Risking head and skin
If we’re behind
We’ll never mind
We’ll fight and fight and win
Oh where from Nolan House
We never weaken till the final deed is done
Like the Nolan of old
We’re strong and we’re bold
Oh we’re from Nolan
Oh we’re from Nolan House

Junior Campus:
35 William St., Glenroy, VIC 3046
Senior Campus:
29 Gibson St., Broadmeadows, VIC 3047
Postal Address:
PO Box 637, Glenroy, VIC 3046

(03) 9301-2777
(03) 9301-2770