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The Teaching and Learning program at Penola Catholic College is informed by our Mission Statement which upholds the principle of a holistic and comprehensive education based on gospel values.

Our Curriculum reflects an understanding of our students at the various stages of their development and learning.

We offer a rich and engaging curriculum through a large range of subject areas.

We take pride in ensuring our courses of study reflect current educational thinking and that they are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F-10, Catholic Education and Federal Government initiatives and requirements.

Our teaching program is supported by the College Pastoral and Co-Curricular programs as well as a great variety of curriculum based excursions and in-school activities.

Years 7-8

At Years 7 and 8 the focus initially is on transition from the Primary school into the Secondary school setting.

In these years there is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy and students undertake a broad range of subject areas including the Visual and Performing Arts and Wood and Food Technology.

Interdisciplinary projects, rich tasks and the incorporation of ICT across the subject areas allow students to experience both breadth and depth in their studies.

Years 9-10

In Years 9 and 10, our focus is on assisting students to develop greater independence of mind and interests.

Our curriculum, in particular the Interdisciplinary projects at these year levels, facilitate deeper connections between their learning and the world around them and allow them to explore how learning might be applied in the real world.

They experience learning in work and community settings as well as the classroom.

Students are also given opportunities to identify and develop preferred subject areas for their future learning.

Our 'Core' and 'Elective' programs assist them to design a pathway to the Senior Years.

The Mathematics and English classes branch out into three levels in order to best cater to the individual needs of our students:

  • Foundation
  • Mainstream and
  • Enrichment.

At Year 10, students may begin a VCE or a VET program or apply to undertake our Vocational Pathways program if they prefer the VCAL Pathway in the Senior Years.

Years 11-12

In the Senior Years, Years 11 and 12, we offer our students over 40 VCE studies and 7 College provided VET programs.

Individual students with particular interests can also access a range of other VET programs and School Based New Apprenticeships in consultation with staff and in collaboration with TAFE.

We also offer VCAL at Years 11 & 12 where students prepare for the world of work and initiate various creative, skill based projects.

In Years 11 & 12 at Penola, our students can design a VCE, VET or VCAL program which suits their interest and talents and creates a pathway to tertiary study, apprenticeships or the world of work/employment.

In Year 11, students may undertake a Unit 3 & 4 study and in Year 12, eligible students may undertake a first year university study.

The Australian Curriculum sets consistent national standards to improve learning outcomes for all young Australians.

It sets out, through content descriptions and achievement standards, what students should be taught and achieve, as they progress through school.

It is the base for future learning, growth and active participation in the Australian community.

ACARA (Australian Curruculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) develops the Australian Curriculum through rigorous, consultative national processes.

Source: Australian Curriculum site

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