Newsletter - Volume 12 - 23rd August 2018

From The Principal: Chris Caldow

Prayer for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Last Wednesday August 15, 2018 was the Feast of the Assumption.  I have included a prayer for the Assumption of Mary

Woman of Listening,

Mary, woman of listening, open our ears;

Grant us to know how to listen to the word of Jesus among the thousands of words in this world;

Grant that we may listen to the reality in which we live, to every person that we encounter,

Especially those who are poor, in need, in hardship.

Mary, woman of decision, illuminate our mind and our heart, so that we may follow the word of your son Jesus;

Mary, woman of action, obtain that our hands and feet move “with haste” towards others.

To bring them the charity and love of your son Jesus, to bring the light of the Gospel to the world, as you did.


2020 Year 7 Enrolments

A reminder to all of our existing families that Year 7 enrolments for 2020 closed on Friday, 17 August.  A number of families applied after the close of enrolment last year and it makes it very difficult to accurately plan for the following year so I ask that you submit your enrolment as soon as possible.  Often families assume that we know that there is a younger sibling but I would be very disappointed if one of our existing families missed out on an enrolment due to not submitting their enrolment in a timely manner.

AJASS Meeting in Christchurch

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to travel to Christchurch to meet with our two New Zealand Josephite Affiliated Secondary Schools namely Marian College, Christchurch and Cullinane College, Whanganui.  These opportunities provide useful discussions on promoting the charism of Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods and looking at ways of keeping the charism alive.  Marian College in Christchurch has had some significant challenges over the past 7 years since the major earthquake that destroyed large parts of Christchurch in 2011.  There school site has been condemned and, as a result, they have had to share a school site with 2 other schools throughout this time.  There is no hope of them rebuilding on their previous site as the ground is considered too unstable and they are still waiting to hear where their new location will be.  In amongst all of this turmoil, the staff have worked extensively with their students to create a sense of safety and belonging which is so impressive to witness.  I felt truly humbled by the efforts of the Marian staff for all that they did for their students in the midst of their own personal turmoil.  Constantly I see the dedication and passion of educators both within our own environment and more broadly in the world.  Thank God for these dedicated souls who create a better world for us all each and every day.

Parent Teacher Student Partnership Meetings

These take place tonight on both Campuses and provide parents with feedback about your son or daughter’s progress. I hope that they are informative and that teaching staff are able to highlight the areas where your child is doing well as well as areas for future improvement. This opportunity, scheduled at this time especially for students, reflects the key stage in the academic year for students. We hope the evening will provide an opportunity for dialogue for families that enables there to be every opportunity for success for our students between now and the end of their academic year. With Semester 1 reports not far behind us, we are asking students to make their subject choices for 2019. Penola Staff are always very enthusiastic about promoting their subject areas and are more than happy to explain, discuss and encourage a student to select a particular course of study.  My advice is to talk with your son or daughter about their strengths and weaknesses.  Discuss their interests and consider possible career options.  Talk to friends, older students, and family who have been through the process.  For our Year 12 students visit Open Days and most importantly have as many conversations with your teachers as possible.  Staff at Penola are here to help, and it is part of our profession that is most rewarding. Supporting our young students to make considered mature responses which will hopefully influence their futures in a positive way is a highlight for our teaching staff.

Josephite Exchange

On Thursday, 23 August and Friday, 24 August we will travel to one of our Josephite Schools from South Australia, Mt Carmel College at Rosewater. The visit will involve a number of sporting competitions in sports such as netball, soccer, football, volleyball and basketball.  It also provides an opportunity for our students to engage with students from another Josephite School and get a better understanding of the Josephite charism. I thank in advance both the staff and students attending Adelaide for the way that they will represent the College.

Leadership Assembly

I have included an excerpt from my speech last Friday:

Given today’s assembly is focused upon Leadership, I thought about the different qualities of leaders to present to you today.  When God created humans they were created as social beings, and as a result, they have primarily operated in groups, not as individuals. Teams win and lose. Companies succeed and fail. And nations and empires rise and fall. For this reason, group leadership is critical.

To survive and thrive, every organization must competently execute four processes. Three of them are relatively easy to describe.

• Strategy is about sense making and design. The former seeks to identify the key elements in the situation facing an organization, how they are related, and how they are likely to evolve in the future. The result is assumptions that form the basis for the design process – determining how to achieve desired goals with available means.

• Execution implements this strategic design, by developing objectives, metrics, plans, budgets, processes, systems, organization and mechanisms to provide feedback and

drive adaptation.

• Finally, risk management ensures survival by identifying and assessing risks and uncertainties, providing warning of adverse changes, mitigating and transferring loss exposures, and strengthening organizational resilience and adaptive capabilities.

However, excellent strategy, execution, and risk management alone won’t deliver survival and success. They need leadership to integrate and animate them. But just what is leadership about?

At the most basic level, we need to distinguish between dominance and leadership. In some groups, a dominant individual will seize power and assert control. This is the world of animal herds, of palace intrigue, authoritarian dictatorships, and mafia families. However, while these situations all make for great television, dominance isn’t leadership. Rather, over the

years I’ve become more focused on the nature of leadership as a relationship – an honour that is bestowed upon a person by followers who are willing to place their trust in them.

The key question thus becomes what are the qualities in a person that cause others to trust him or her with the leadership of their group?  There are three key traits people require in order to bestow the mantle of leadership on someone.

• First, people look for integrity – confidence that a person will do the right thing, with the best interest of the group in mind, even when that may not be in the leader’s own self-interest. As a practical matter, this integrity is embodied in the leader’s behaviour. For example, leaders with integrity are comfortable adding people more talented than they are rather than throwing subordinates under the proverbial bus, or blaming failure on unforeseeable events. Make no mistake: leadership is an honour that often requires sacrifice.

• Second, people look for competence – a leader must have the skill to assess a situation and either directly take, or indirectly organize, the sequence, decisions and actions required to ensure the group’s survival and the achievement its larger goals. A leader also needs to be able to perform under pressure, to be resilient when adversely surprised, and to have the grit and persistence to overcome obstacles. A leader has to strike an appropriate balance between the optimism needed to inspire their team, and the overconfidence that leads to failure.

• And third, a leader must have empathy for the people who have entrusted him or her with the leadership of their group. Leaders authentically care about their people. You can’t fake this; evolution has endowed people with a very strong ability to tell the difference between leaders who are authentic, and leaders who are putting on an act. For example, leaders with empathy don’t hesitate to liberally share credit for their team’s success. And while they praise in public, they only criticize in private, and only do so when they can provide constructive coaching and advice.

The last aspect of leadership is the ability to define a noble purpose for a group, and to give meaning to every individual’s effort.

I would also like to speak about the potential that is within us all and ways that we can find this potential.  Former student, Rebecca Bright (Graduate1997) was awarded an MBE in England in the New Year’s Day honours in 2016 due to her contribution in developing communication apps and as Founder of Therapy Box, whose success within the technology market has been inspirational to other women.

Ezi Magbegor was a student at Penola Catholic College from 2012-2014. She then joined the Australian Institute of Sport Basketball program for the next 3 years.  Her basketball has gone from strength to strength.  She has had a decorated junior career that included winning the MVP award at the under 17 World Championships when Australia won Gold in 2016. She also won a Bronze Medal and was named in the All-Star Five at the under 19 World Championships in 2015. And to announce her arrival in the senior ranks, Magbegor was crowned WNBL Rookie of the Year for the 2017-18 season. She recently represented the Opals in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast where they won a Gold Medal.

There are countless other examples of former students that I could provide that are making a difference in our world today. The question you need to ask yourself is why it couldn’t be me!

Student Leaders for 2019

At this Leadership Assembly, the candidates for College Captain positions and College Vice-Captain positions presented personal views on the qualities of leadership. Prompts were given to the students on topical issues such as the indigenous fight for justice and land rights (with a particular focus on the leadership qualities of Vincent Lingiari) and the personal attributes of recently deceased golfer, Jarrod Lyle. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, students voted for their preferred student leaders and it is my pleasure to announce that the College Captains for 2019 are Chanilka Amantha Jayakodi Arachchige and Vishnu Satish. The College Vice Captains for 2019 are Claire Leahy and Taniya Senanayake. I wish these students every success in their roles as student leaders and look forward to working with them for the common good of the college.

I wish you well for the remainder of the term, Particularly the Year 12 students with less than 8 weeks of timetabled classes before exams.  A reminder to all students studying at Units 3 & 4 level that the compulsory practice exams will occur in the second week of the holidays and this provides you with the best possible preparation for your final exams in late October and November.


From the Deputy Principal Head of Broadmeadows Campus: Ernie Pisani

Student Leadership program Over the course of the past few weeks the Student Leadership program has been in full swing. Students who had nominated themselves for College Vice Captain positions or College Captains positions were interviewed by Mr Caldow, Ms Perkin and myself. A group of students were shortlisted from those interviews and these students were asked to address the …

Read more.



On Thursday 30th August there will be a School Closure (Student free day) due to Staff Professional Learning. 


Students parking on surrounding streets

A reminder to all students who drive to school and park in the surrounding streets to please be mindful of residents and other drivers. When parking please ensure you are not taking the space of two cars and that you are not blocking access to drive ways or rubbish bins.


Year 11 Outdoor & Environmental Studies Mt Hotham Ski Trip

On Wednesday 1st August, the Year 11 Outdoor & Environmental Studies cohort headed to the Mount Hotham for their 3 day ski trip. For many it was their first time visiting an alpine region and seeing snow. The students were able to take on the challenge of learning how to either ski or snowboard for the first time, with the assistance of two lessons from some expert guides. While on the mountain we were blessed with excellent conditions in what some are calling one of the best snow seasons in years! Lucky us!  One of the major highlights was no doubt being able to participate in night skiing on a perfectly clear, but cold night. By the end of the trip, all students made significant progress in learning the skills of skiing or snowboarding despite some challenges at the beginning and a number of bumps and bruises along the way. A huge pat on the back to all involved as they represented Penola Catholic College with aplomb. A big thankyou also to Mr. Johnstone, Ms Murray-Fawcett & Mr. Dickinson for volunteering their time to facilitate the camp.


Year 8 La Trobe University Excursion

The trip to La Trobe University was exciting and it gave us all a good vision of how university life took place. We toured some parts of La Trobe and it was obvious that La Trobe was huge. We listened to other students as they talked about their high school experiences and how they planned their schedule in La Trobe. Moreover, they discussed about different careers and played games with us. At the end of the day, most of my friends and me had a very good idea of what we wanted to do once we finished high school. Overall, the trip was one of the best and it would be a tremendous idea to repeat it again next year.

Rithin Rakes


Regional Italian Transition Poetry Competition

Penola’s Regional Italian Transition Poetry Competition for 2018 has yet again been a great success. This year eight of our fourteen feeder Primary Schools have taken part. Hundreds of students have recited a poem in Italian and were judged by our Italian teachers. The grade 6 finalists then recited their poem again in order to award our Regional winners for 2018.

Our Regional Winners for 2018 are:

1st Lukas Ratskos (St. Carlo’s)
2nd Jamilya Elkoury (St. Matthew’s) and Erica Di Matteo (St. Francis De Sales)
3rd Micaela Xerri (St. Fidelis) and Olivia Lanyon (St. Oliver’s)

Sincere thanks to the eight feeder schools and their Italian teachers, for their hard work in preparing the students. A special thanks to all the students involved.  Thanks also to our devoted Italian teachers who have assisted with the judging, Mrs Mancuso, Mrs Shllaku, Mrs Pace and our Italian Assistant Angela. We look forward to continuing to foster our rapport with our Feeder schools and our love for the Italian language in 2019.
Mrs Franzoni

Below are some reports from participants of this year’s Poetry Competition:

I chose to participate in this Italian competition because I wanted to have a go and I wouldn't have a chance to do this again in Primary school ever again. I knew that it was a great opportunity to join this competition and I was honoured to represent the school and use the schools name in a very pleasant way. Choosing to be apart of this competition was nerve-racking to me, but when I was told that I have a chance of winning this, I never lost hope. Everyone was so supportive to the people who chose to be apart of this competition, this made me feel comfort and confidence. I practised and practised everyday and I was ready. On the day I was shaking but I did okay. I felt grateful for contributing and being apart of this competition. I know it can be scary at first but it isn't so bad. I had a great time and it was a wonderful experience.
Seralina from School of the Good Shepherd, Gladstone Park

When signora Elena our Italian teacher asked the students at St Carlo to participate in the Italian poetry Competition. I accepted the challenge to learn and recite the poem " I Mesi Dell’ Anno". I practiced mainly with my Nonno who helped with some of the pronunciation of the more difficult words. 
I was proud to be awarded equal first place by the Penola Catholic College judging panel. I was then invited along with some of my friends from St Carlo to participate in the regional section of the competition. I was really nervous but the judge helped me calm down by asking general questions and focus on reciting the poem.
I was totally overwhelmed when I got the news that I attained first place in the regional awards. I'm thankful for all the encouragement and support I was given to participate in the Italian Poetry Competition. It was a rewarding experience. I feel that all students should try out for the Italian Poetry Competition.   
Lukas Ratskos from St Carlo’s, Greenvale


Penola Collegians' Association Reunion

Register your details for the Penola Collegians Association – you may be interested in the upcoming reunion (September 9th – see details below) for all past students of Penola, Geoghegan, Therry and Sancta Sophia – reconnect with former classmates / friends.  Pass the word around.

Bookings: www.trybooking.com/VPNV


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