Newsletter - Volume 7 - 25th May 2017

From The Principal: Chris Caldow

Federal Government Funding Arrangements

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of information in the media about the Turnbull Government’s Quality Schools funding package and its impact on Catholic school fees. The package proposed by the Government is a 10-year funding model, which will see significant changes to how Catholic schools are funded in the future. Like the majority of Catholic schools, our school aims to be open and accessible to all families seeking a Catholic education. That means we aim to be affordable as well.

One of the big impacts of the Turnbull Government’s funding package is that Catholic school fees will have to rise. This won’t happen tomorrow, but over the next 10 years, cuts to school funding will mean fees will gradually increase. Catholic education leaders across Australia have been working hard to make sure the Government and the Opposition understand that our students will be disadvantaged by the funding model.

Everything is being done to make sure the Turnbull Government’s funding package does not become law.

That’s where our school community comes in. In coming weeks, please keep an eye out in the school newsletter (or at the bottom of school bags) for information about how you can add your voice to help prevent unreasonable fee increases. We need to step up. Unreasonable fee increases are only a possibility at this stage – not a certainty. Parents in nearly 500 other Catholic schools in Victorian have also been asked to get ready and join the campaign.

With your help, we can make sure our politicians in Canberra are listening to Catholic schools.


Management of Parent Complaints

Penola Catholic College works in an educational partnership with parents for the benefit of all students. On entering into this partnership, families assume a number of important responsibilities which include: loyalty to the College community, a commitment to the College Mission statement and support of all College policies and expectations.

It is acknowledged that there may be occasions when parents wish to express concerns / make complaints regarding College matters.    Parents are always encouraged to communicate with the relevant College personnel to discuss their concerns.

The College is always available to assist parents through discussion in developing a clearer understanding of College expectations in all areas.

Parents are required to express their concerns in a calm and respectful manner towards all staff who may be involved. On presenting the concern, the family must be able to be identified.   Any anonymous concerns or complaints cannot be satisfactorily investigated as the College would be unable to confirm them as genuine.

In having specific concerns / complaints addressed we recommend that initial contact be made with the relevant College personnel in the order below:


Curriculum Matters                  Subject Teacher, Head of Learning, Deputy Principal of Teaching & Learning


Student’s Academic                 Subject Teacher, Year Level Co-ordinators, Deputy Principal Head of Campus



Student Wellbeing Matters       Homeroom Teacher, Year Level Co-ordinators, Head of Student Services, Deputy Principal Head of Campus


General Student Behaviour      Homeroom Teacher, Year Level Co-ordinators, Deputy Principal Head of Campus


Transport Matters                     Transport Co-ordinator, Deputy Principal Head of Campus


College Policies                       Deputy Principal Head of Campus


Staff                                          Deputy Principal Head of Campus


Off Campus Incidents              Deputy Principal Head of Campus

(in & out of Scho                     


Uniform                                    Homeroom Teacher, Year Level Co-ordinators, Deputy Principal Head of Campus


Financial                                  Business Manager


In all cases where the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved, parents are encouraged to contact the College Principal.


Mother’s Day Breakfast

The Mother’s Day Breakfast was held on Friday 12 May. Our guest speaker for the morning was Chris Daicos who spoke in detail about the importance of developing a growth mindset. She had many great messages for our students and mothers in attendance. My thanks to our Catering Manager, Mr Garry Cottom and other staff who assisted with the preparation and serving of the breakfast, Miss Nicole Allan and members of the PFA and to Mrs Xidias for her overall organisation of the various aspects of the event.



Last week our students in Years 7 and 9 sat the annual NAPLAN tests in literacy and numeracy. This is a major event organisationally and requires much pre-planning so that the testing process can run smoothly. The student data generated by these tests will assist the College in continuing to improve student learning outcomes in the future and will provide valuable information about the level of improvement in student literacy and numeracy skills in the College.

My thanks to staff involved with this organization, particularly Mr Rob Dullard, Mr Phillip Chan, Mr Simon Greatwood, Ms Lucy D’Angelo, and Ms Paula D’Amore.


Student Photographs

A reminder to all parents that you need to notify the College if you do not give permission for your son or daughter’s photograph to be published in newsletters or promotional materials.  We would like to begin to place more photographs and videos on our website and so I take this opportunity to remind you of the student permission form for photographs.  If we have not received your permission form back at the College we have assumed that your consent has been provided.  It is the responsibility of each family to make this decision and notify the College if you decide to exclude your son or daughter from having their photograph published.  In practical terms, this will mean that your son or daughter will need to be excluded from most group shots such as class photographs as these are published in our Year Book each year.


Staff Changes

As many of you would be aware Mrs Maria Alberto (Head of Religious Education – Broadmeadows) has commenced maternity leave.  We wish Mrs Alberto well for her impending birth and warmly welcome back Mrs Nella Centorino and Mrs Olympia Kangalis who have been appointed to replace Mrs Alberto teaching Religious Education.  Mrs Catherine Weekes commenced maternity leave on Monday May 22 and we wish her well.  Ms Jane Dalli has been appointed to replace Mrs Weekes and Mrs Catherine Hosking will move to the Junior campus to teach the Years 7 & 8 Drama and Ms Dalli will teach Years 9 & 10 Dance as well as Senior English.  Ms Diane Farah commenced her maternity leave on Monday May 22 and we wish her well for her impending birth.  Mrs Sandra Wagner has unfortunately had to resign due to ill-health and we have appointed Ms Clara Pellens to replace her teaching Years 9 & 10 Mathematics.  Mr Peter Hatherley is on Long Service Leave for the remainder of term and we welcome Ms Hannah Monagle to teach his Year 10 English classes.  I am confident that all will make our new staff welcome.


National Reconciliation Week (next week)

National Reconciliation Week celebrates the rich culture and history of Indigenous Australians. It is the perfect time for all Australians to think about how to help turn around the disadvantage experienced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is also a time where we can reflect about what we are doing to advance the process of reconciliation.

Reconciliation involves achieving an understanding of the facts of Indigenous Australia, including history and its continuing effects, the importance of culture, the contribution of Indigenous people to the Australia that we live in today, and the diverse situations of Indigenous people living in our communities. This understanding is fundamental for respectful engagements and mutual acceptance between people.

The week coincides with two important dates in Indigenous Australia’s recent history. May 27th marks the anniversary of the 1967 referendum in which more than 90 per cent of Australians voted to remove clauses from the Australian Constitution which discriminated against Indigenous Australians. It enabled Indigenous people to be included in the Census, and Federal Parliament the power to make laws in relation to Indigenous people.

June 3rd marks the anniversary of the High Court’s judgment in the 1992 Mabo case. The decision recognised the Native Title rights of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original inhabitants of the continent and overturned the myth of terra nullius – the belief that the continent was an empty, un-owned land before the arrival of Europeans in 1788.


Prayer for the Journey of Healing

Almighty and loving God, you who created ALL people in your image,

lead us to seek your compassion as we listen to the stories of our past.

You gave your only Son, Jesus, who died and rose again so that sins will be forgiven.

We place before you the pain and anguish of dispossession of land, language, lore, culture

and family kinship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have experienced.

We live in faith that all people will rise from the depths of despair and hopelessness.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families have endured the pain and loss of loved ones,

through the separation of children from their families.

We are sorry and ask Your forgiveness.

Touch the hearts of the broken, homeless and inflicted and heal their spirits.

In your mercy and compassion walk with us as we continue our journey of healing to create a

future that is just and equitable.

Lord, you are our hope. Amen. 

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani Vol. 6

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani Vol. 7

Dear parents, One of the wonderful things about College Assemblies is that students and staff are able to celebrate and acknowledge the vast talents and skills of many students. And so it was at last Friday’s assembly. It’s amazing how much we have been able to cram into a semester. And whilst schools can at times be places of pessimism, …

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From the Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission Nicole Allan Volume 7.

From the Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission Nicole Allan Vol. 7

From the Faith and Mission Team From Sr. Rita Malavisi rsj, our resident Sister of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart Anniversary of the death of Sr Irene McCormack We remember Sr Irene McCormack, who twenty six years ago, on 21st May, was murdered along with four other men in the plaza in Huasi Huasi, Peru. A building is named …

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PCC Student Leadership News

Edition 1 


Two day workshop with LaTrobe University

Thursday 27th & Friday 28th April saw our year 10 cohort, once again, participate in two days of workshops geared towards Career Conversations organised and run by Latrobe University and the School Partnerships Programme. This is our third year in partnership with La Trobe University, providing students opportunities to understand and experience, first hand, what university offers.  

These forums provided our year 10 students with a unique opportunity to hear about specific aspects of university from our La Trobe University Student Facilitators, one of whom was an ex-Penola student, making the session very real and personal for those listening. The facilitators talked about various aspects of university life such as transition from secondary school to university, learning at university, work placements, internships, student international exchanges, getting support at university and financial matters.

The activity then provided small group discussion opportunities where the Facilitators were an important first-hand source of information for our students learning about the benefits of higher education and being more informed and prepared for university study.

The timing of the session, early in second term, aims ensure that students have adequate opportunity to begin to explore and consider the options open to them with particular reference to subject selection and pathways leading to senior studies.  From the feedback and data collected, most students found the workshops invaluable.


Anna Di Perna & Mark Johnstone

Year 10 Co-ordinators


Work Experience 5th – 9th June

All year 10 students will be participating in the Work Experience Program from 5th to 9th June.

Congratulations to all students for organising their placements and we wish them well during the week. Students will be given final instructions in the near future.

Any student absent from Work Experience must notify the employer and Mrs Foster as soon as they are aware of an absence. All students and employers will be contacted during the Work Experience week. 


Penola Sport Facebook Page 



Penola Catholic College introduces our 2017 production, Cinderella.
Click the link below to secure your tickets now. 



Accounts Office - Change of hours

Dear Parents,

Please note that the Accounts office (Broadmeadows Campus) will be now closed at 4.00pm each day.

Thank you. 





Forms can be filled out NOW for 2017 providing your card is eligible

CSEF eligibility DATES

For concession card holders CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either term one (30 January 2017) or term two (18 April 2017).

CSEF Applications forms can be collected either:

• Accounts Office (Broadmeadows Campus)

• Glenroy Campus Office

• Attached to this newsletter

• www.education.vic.gov.au/csef

• Emailed to dgaetano@penola.vic.edu.au

CSEF Flyer

CSEF 2017 Application Form



Second Hand Uniform Sales 

Fortnightly Tuesdays, Broadmeadows Campus

8.45am - 10.30am

Term Two: Apr 18, May 2, May 16, May 30, Jun 13, Jun 27
Term Three: Jul 18, Aug 1, Aug 15, Aug 29, Sept 12
Term Four: Oct 10, Oct 24, Nov 14, Nov 28

If you wish to sell your freshly dry cleaned second hand uniform items (new logo/uniform), you can do so by leaving them at Reception at the Broadmeadows Campus. Blue blazers with the old logo will also be accepted. All items must show they have been dry cleaned by having the dry cleaning tag attached. 

Academy Uniforms run a school shop service at Broadmeadows Campus in the current second hand uniform area in the Mannes building on:

Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 9:30am
Thursday afternoons from 3:00 - 4:00pm

Academy Uniforms are now ON-LINE

Simply go to: Academy Uniforms
Choose Penola Catholic College and enter password Broadmeadows
Orders can be sent to the School Shop or home address.

Academy Uniforms
238 Wolseley Place,
Ph: 9460 8011


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Senior Campus: 29 Gibson Street, Broadmeadows, VIC 3047

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