Newsletter . Volume 2 . 23rd February 2017

From The Principal: Chris Caldow

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Year 7 Enrolments 2018

A reminder to all of our existing families that Year 7 enrolments for next year (2018) closed on Friday February 17.  A number of families applied after the close of enrolment last year and it makes it very difficult to accurately plan for the following year so I ask that you submit your enrolment as soon as possible.  Often families assume that we know that there is a younger sibling but I would be very disappointed if one of our existing families missed out on an enrolment due to not submitting their enrolment in a timely manner.

Beginning of the Year

It is hard to believe that that the students have only been back three weeks.  In this time, we have had a range of activities including our Beginning of Year Mass, Years 7 & 8 Information Evening, School photographs, Parents and Friends meeting and a Board Information Session and Meeting.  This week we have Principal Tours on Wednesday morning at both campuses, a Principal’s Tour at the Broadmeadows campus at 7.00p.m. on Wednesday night and on Friday night we will have our Year 7 Welcome Dinner with over 300 people attending.  At our first College Assembly we acknowledged our VCE high achievers from the Class of 2016 (more information contained later in this newsletter) and presented College pins to all of our new students.

Planning and Coaching Teams

As part of our focus upon Literacy this year, we have developed Planning and Coaching teams in each subject area at each year level.  In practical terms this means that all Year 7 English teachers meet together at least twice per term to plan, develop resources, discuss pedagogy, assessment tasks and determine the focus for the term.  In some cases, the focus may be upon curriculum documentation, developing literacy rich assessment tasks, scaffolding these tasks, or joint construction of writing tasks.  Every staff member that teaches Year 7 English has a chance to contribute to this team and it allows them to moderate their assessment to ensure consistency in the marking of assessment tasks. These teams are at each year level and for every subject so that all staff who teach a particular subject are planning with their colleagues.

Parent Information Session for the Broadmeadows campus on Thursday March 2

As part of our endeavor to engage all parents in their child’s learning, you will receive a personal invitation from the Homeroom Teacher of your child or children to our meet and greet Parent, Teacher, Student Discussions (interviews).  The first of these will take place on Thursday March 2 from 4.00pm until 5.30pm and 6.30pm until 8.30pm.  In the break it is our intention to run 4 different information sessions for each of Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12.  The intention is to provide relevant information to parents on the same night as the PTS Discussions so that parents are not having to come out on another night.  For this to be successful it will require parents to attend the first round of interviews and stay on for the relevant information session or alternatively attend the information session first and then stay on for interviews.  More information about this change is included in Ernie Pisani’s section of this Newsletter.

The purpose of the Meet and Greet Session is for parents to meet the teachers of their child or children, to convey important information about your child or children to the teacher and to discuss their goals for the year.  What we are seeking from these sessions is to find out as much information as we can about your child to assist us with planning and maximizing the growth of each student in our care.

University Partnerships

I thought it is an opportune time to outline some of our relationships with Universities that you may or may not be aware of:


We have been accepted into the University of Melbourne Network of Schools program for 2017-2019.  We have also been successful in obtaining a grant of $16,500 per year for the three years to cover the registration costs of the program from Catholic Education Melbourne. This program will enable us to make better use of student data and measure the impact of some of our initiatives, particularly in terms of literacy and numeracy. It links in with the Powerful Learning program with the Theory of Action – Connect Feedback to Data.

ACU Multimodal literacies in Senior Secondary Science

The overarching aim is to develop pedagogies to improve the achievement of lower SES students in physics, chemistry and biology from years 10-12. We will seek to do this though establishing discipline-specific visual and verbal literacies for cumulative learning in science pedagogy. This will be achieved by:

1. Determining the similarities and differences among the meaning-making resources of language and images in school physics, chemistry and biology and describing how these resources vary across years 10-12;

2.Developing pedagogies where students actively inquire into and advance their understanding of progressively advanced scientific knowledge through infused discipline-specific visual, verbal and symbolic literacies leading to their critical appreciation and understanding of canonical scientific representations;

3. Including in such pedagogies explicit attention to relating forms of representation involved in acquiring and displaying knowledge in the classroom to those required for written assessment tasks and examinations;

4. Investigating how pedagogies incorporating critical investigation and exploratory and guided formulation of multiple forms of representation of science concepts can enhance students’ cumulative knowledge building from the junior to senior high school years.

The project involves 3 other secondary schools

• Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

• Roxburgh College

• Brunswick Secondary College


The CTEC project is a partnership between the School of Education, Australian Catholic University (ACU) in Victoria and the Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) and 14 Catholic Secondary schools in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne. It is developing an enhanced delivery approach within the School of Education Victoria’s Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts program.  The intention is to provide more teachers to Catholic Secondary Education in the Northern and Western regions of Melbourne.

LaTrobe School Partnerships Program

The Schools Partnerships Program (SPP) aims to increase participation in Higher Education through strategic relationships with identified schools. The SPP support the achievement of this by further building and informing aspirations, increasing capabilities and raising awareness of educational opportunities amongst secondary school students, their parents/guardians and teachers. Working with partner schools to identify and implement activities that meet their needs through a learner progression (structured and sequential) framework.

2016 Activities undertaken as part of the program

• Year 8 & Year 10 students had a full day program at La Trobe

• Year 9’s had students speak to them as part of the subject selection process

• Year 12 students were offered free tickets to VCE revision classes during September holidays

• We have been offered PD and workshops for staff and students with a particular focus on STEM

• Year 12 students were offered the Vic Chancellor’s scholarship for $6000.

• Last year Nathan Cerra was the first recipient

Victoria University Powerful Learning

As part of the Curiosity and Powerful Learning project we agreed to take 10 pre-service teachers each year for 2016 & 2017. The Masters of Education Pre-service teachers at Victoria University spent one day per week, on Tuesdays, at Penola Catholic College rather than at the University completing a project. They also taught classes for a total of 10 weeks over the year. We hosted the delivery of 2 units in semester one on Thursdays. Glenroy College hosted the delivery in semester two. They were taught by a VU Lecturer. Six of our staff members were invited to address the students on various topics related to their studies and on some of the practicalities of teaching

Tuesday February 21 – International Mother Language Day

This prayer invites us to come to a deeper awareness of the linguistic and cultural traditions that are part of the fabric of our community and city. We will be invited to pray for the grace to be people who aspire to solidarity through respect, understanding, tolerance and dialogue of and about cultural diversity.

Loving God,

To foster sustainable development, learners must have access to education in their mother tongue and in other languages. It is through the mastery of the first language or mother tongue that the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy are acquired. Local languages, especially minority and indigenous, transmit cultures, values and traditional knowledge, thus playing an important role in promoting sustainable futures.

Help us all acknowledge the importance of learning through the mother tongue.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani

On Thursday March 2nd the Senior Campus will be having its first Parent Teacher Student Interview (PTSI) for the year. On this occasion it is a meet and greet opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teachers with special emphasis on meeting the Homeroom teacher. Because of Head Start, the senior students are well into their 2017 academic program. …

Read more.

From the Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission Nicole Allan

From the Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission Nicole Allan

Wisdom from our Chaplain, Fr. Tony - Meaning and Happiness in Life.

Are you happy?  Is your life a happy one?  Are you happy within your marriage?  Are you happy with your family?  Are you happy in your job?  Are you happy with your church?  Are you happy inside your own skin? Are these good questions to ask ourselves?  No.  …

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News from the Languages Department – Languages Assistants

Did you know that at Penola, we have Languages Assistants who provide conversation practice and support for students of Italian, French and Japanese?

Let me introduce our 2017 Assistants… 

Martina Vanin (Italian)

Martina is a native speaker of Italian, she arrived in Australia six months ago and she has been working with us since last July. She applied for the role of Italian Language Assistant through her university and she was supposed to be here only until December but she was so enthusiastic about her job, that she decided to remain with us until July. Last year she worked with various Italian language teachers, assisting them in senior classes (years 11 and 12) and in a year 9 CLIL (Content and Language Integrated learning) class. As a Language Assistant she prepared original texts, exercises and activities, verified students' spoken and written language, provided current information about contemporary vocabulary, participated in students' group work in order to help them develop their oral and conversational skills. She also did oral conversation with students during Italian club (every Tuesday at lunchtime) and participated in the Penola Catholic College Primary School Transition program, where she was one of the final judges for the competition. Starting from this February we will be sharing Martina with Loyola Catholic College where she will also work as an Italian Language Assistant. 

Martina è una ragazza italiana e lavora come assistente di lingua presso il nostro college dallo scorso luglio. E’ arrivata in Australia tramite un programma di tirocinio offerto dall’università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia e si è dimostrata fin da subito molto entusiasta del lavoro e del ruolo ricoperto nella nostra scuola. Lo scorso anno ha lavorato con I nostri insegnanti di italiano aiutandoli durante le lezioni, preparando testi, esercizi ed attività rivolte all’insegnamento della lingua italiana; ha assistito ed aiutato I nostri studenti al fine di migliorare le loro capacità linguistiche attraverso gruppi di conversazione ed attività di gruppo. Martina rimarrà con noi fino a giugno e attualmente sta lavorando anche presso il Loyola Catholic College.

Giulia Scarduelli (Italian)

I am a 23-year-old Italian girl that has been to Melbourne before as a student. My passion for languages and for Australia are strong, as well as my will to help students improve their skills in Italian language.

Sono una ragazza Italiana di 23 anni e sono stata a Melbourne come studentessa cinque anni fa. La mia passione per le lingue e per l’Australia sono molto forti, così come lo è la mia voglia di aiutare gli studenti a migliorare le loro abilità in Italiano. 

Naomi Diaz (Japanese)

Naomi is a native speaker of Japanese, whose main task at Penola is to support the senior students of Japanese with their oral and writing skills. She also spends some time in the creation of authentic materials for the students.


Sarah Demeuse (French)

My name is Sarah Demeuse and I am 26. I live in Spontin, that is in the Namur region in Belgium. It is one hour south of Brussels. I arrived in Australia in September and my adventure started in Perth in Western Australia because I wanted to see the Quokkas!

I love reading, my favourite book is The Lord of the Rings. I love sci-fi books and series like Doctor Who. I also love sport. Indeed, when I was a teenager I used to play water-polo but I had to stop when I went to university. During my free-time, I like going to the cinema or going out with my friends and I also like planning excursions for my students… I am a French teacher for immigrant adults in Belgium. They are from all over the world and they have a lot to share.

I will stay at Penola Catholic College as a French teacher assistant to help the teacher and the students until the end of June.

Je m’appelle Sarah Demeuse et j’ai 26 ans. J’habite à Spontin dans la région de Namur en Belgique. C’est à une heure au sud de Bruxelles. Je suis arrivée en Australie en septembre. Mon aventure a débuté à Perth dans le Western Australia parce que je voulais voir les Quokkas !

J’adore lire, mon livre préféré est le Seigneur des Anneaux. J’aime aussi la science-fiction tant en livre qu’en série, je suis fan de Doctor Who. J’aime aussi le sport. En effet, quand j’étais adolescente je faisais du water-polo mais j’ai arrêté lorsque je suis allée à l’université. Pendant mon temps libre j’aime aller au cinéma et sortir avec mes amis et organiser des excursions pour mes élèves… En effet, en Belgique, je suis professeure de français avec des adultes issus de l’immigration. Ils viennent du monde entier et ont beaucoup à partager.

Je vais rester au Penola College en tant qu’assistante de langue française afin d’aider le professeur et les étudiants jusque fin juin.


We are extremely fortunate to have the services of these Assistants in many of our classrooms, particularly at the senior levels, to act as a resource for all students studying a language and their teachers. Language Assistants not only provide support in the classroom; they are also available to assist students in LOTE clubs and at lunchtimes or where possible after school by appointment. They are, in addition, an invaluable resource for the teachers in creating interesting and up-to-date authentic materials or just providing a “native speaker” perspective in the classroom. Some of their tasks include:

• Verifying language in spoken and written form, and acting as a model for correct pronunciation and intonation;

• Providing opportunities for teachers and students to converse in the foreign language in a variety of situations;

• Providing current information from a cultural perspective, including the sharing of their own experiences where applicable;

• Providing up to date language for students and teachers alike;

• Working with small groups or individuals for conversation.


Wilsons Promontory Camp

On the 16th of February the Year 12 Outdoor & Environmental Studies students alongside with Mr Hipwell, Mr Woodburn and Mr Diaz headed towards Wilsons Promontory where we would have the privilege to hike and camp along the beautiful beaches of Victoria for four days.

We all knew that this trip would be physically and mentally challenging but with the support of each other and the teachers we were up for the challenge. After hours of hiking through steep hills, climbing rocks and walking through an estuary, the scenery was well worth it and breath taking. The pristine blue waters that touched the white sand left us all in awe and made it impossible not to jump in.

Throughout the trip we experienced many close interactions with native Australian wildlife and experienced the different scenery Wilson promontory National Park had to offer, which helped us grow a deeper understanding with the envoirment.

I think everyone can agree that it was a trip of a lifetime that brought us all closer together and help deepen our understanding with our future studies.

Monika Drzazga


Hume City Council Community Great

On Wednesday February 8th, Mr Woodburn and I had the honour of receiving a Community Grant awarded by Hume City Council. The generous funds will be used to buy the Jumpstart program a range of gardening equipment for the Eco-Challenge Project Based Learning Unit in Term Three. The Penola community expresses sincere gratitude to the Council for this support.



All Year 10 students will be participating in compulsory Work Experience from 5th June to 9th June 2017.

All year 10 students should now have completed the General Module of Safe@Work. This is a compulsory Occupational Health and Safety training module which must be completed prior to commencing Work Experience.

Students will also complete an Industry Specific Module of Safe@Work early in March which complete the compulsory Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

Parents are asked to assist their child in seeking a suitable placement. It is recommended that students start looking NOW to avoid disappointment as some industries are extremely difficult to secure suitable placements.

Students are to collect a yellow Work Experience Request Form from the Careers Office. This form is to be completed and returned to Careers Office at the earliest possible time so that the Ministerial (legal) Documents can be processed for signatures from the employer, parent and student. The Principal must also sign this document to complete all legal requirements.


The Work Experience Request Form is also available from the Year 10 Careers page on MyPenola.

For further information, please feel free to contact Mrs. Foster or Mrs. Rullo in the Careers Office.


Debutante Ball 

Any girls interested in making their debut with Our Lady's Parish, Craigieburn are asked to contact Mrs Bretag on 93056915 or Mrs O'Neill on 93081592 ASAP. The ball will be held on 30th June at Melrose receptions. 


Penola Sport Facebook Page 




Forms can be filled out NOW for 2017 providing your card is eligible

CSEF eligibility DATES

For concession card holders CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either term one (30 January 2017) or term two (18 April 2017).

CSEF Applications forms can be collected either:

• Accounts Office (Broadmeadows Campus)

• Glenroy Campus Office

• Attached to this newsletter

• www.education.vic.gov.au/csef

• Emailed to dgaetano@penola.vic.edu.au

CSEF Flyer

CSEF 2017 Application Form


Parking Restrictions

There is restricted parking in Gibson Street, Broadmeadows, William Street, Glenroy and the surrounding streets in both these areas.

Please take note of the signage as parking officers are constantly patrolling the area. 

It is advised that parents are not to drop off or up pick students on the school grounds.

Parking in the reception car park is restricted to parents wishing to see reception or the accounts office only. It is not to be used for drop off/pick up of students.

Thanking you in advance. 


Please note: The second hand uniform shop is no longer accepting maroon blazers due to an excess amount already in stock. They are still accepting the blue blazers, dry cleaned with the receipt attached.


Second Hand Uniform Sales 

Fortnightly Tuesdays, Broadmeadows Campus

8.45am - 10.30am

Term One: Feb 7, Feb 21, Mar 7, Mar 21
Term Two: Apr 18, May 2, May 16, May 30, Jun 13, Jun 27
Term Three: Jul 18, Aug 1, Aug 15, Aug 29, Sept 12
Term Four: Oct 10, Oct 24, Nov 14, Nov 28

Anybody who wishes to sell their freshly dry cleaned second hand uniform items, can do so by leaving them at Reception.  A small fee will be charged for postage and handling. All items must show they have been dry cleaned by having dry cleaning tag attached. 


Academy Uniforms also run a school shop service at Broadmeadows Campus in the current second hand uniform area in the Mannes building on:

Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 9:30am
Thursday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:00pm


Academy Uniforms are now ON-LINE
Simply go to: Academy Uniforms
Choose Penola Catholic College and enter password Broadmeadows
Orders can be sent to the School Shop or home address.


Academy Uniforms
238 Wolseley Place,
Ph: 9460 8011


Penola Catholic College

Junior Campus: 35 William Street, Glenroy, VIC 3046
Senior Campus: 29 Gibson Street, Broadmeadows, VIC 3047

Postal Address:
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