Newsletter . Volume 17 . 10th November 2016

From The Principal: Chris Caldow

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Month of November

Traditionally, Catholics observe November as the month of the Holy Souls.  The month commences with two great Feast Days, the Feast of All Saints (1st Nov) and the Feast of All Souls (2nd Nov). As I have mentioned in previous editions of this newsletter, it is also quite appropriate that during this month we observe Remembrance Day, 11th November, the anniversary of the day in 1918 when the hostilities ceased in the Great War, now more commonly known as the First World War.  In remembering, honouring and praying for the dead we recognise the inestimable value of life, the dignity and sanctity of those who have died, and the sure belief that life continues beyond death albeit in a way that we do not fully understand. In remembering and praying for own loved ones who have died, we pay tribute to the gift that they have been to us, and we extend to them the care that they shared with us during their lives on earth.


Last week, at a special Memorial Mass in St Joseph’s Chapel, we prayed with those in our community who have suffered the loss of family members and friends this year.  The great consolation for us is that we know that those who have died are now with God, and are experiencing the fullness of God’s mercy and love.


We also celebrated All Saints day on November 1.  On this day we remember the people of God throughout history like our patron, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, who have been recognised as Saints by the Church. These individuals, young and old have lived out their faith and, at times, have paid the ultimate price for believing in God by giving their lives as martyrs.  This year we think again especially of those countries around the world where Christians are being persecuted and are suffering for their faith. We remember the living saints of our times, the people of God living in this world today who by their example live their faith out daily.  We pray that the Saints past and present may inspire us all to follow their example of service to others.

2016 Art Show

The annual College Art Show will be officially opened today (Thursday).  The works on display have been taken from all subject areas in the Visual Arts department and across all year levels.  The items on display are of a high standard and provide evidence that our students have wonderful opportunities to develop their talents and skills in these areas of endeavour.  Congratulations to Ms Francesca Pascalis and all our art teachers and technicians for their efforts throughout the year and for the organization of the Art Show. The works will remain on display until 18th November.

Annual Awards Night

The annual Awards Night will be held in the Assembly and Sports Hall on Monday evening, 5th December, commencing at 7.00pm.  Our guest of honour will be Dr Thushara Perera, a former student graduating with the class of 2006.He is a Research Engineer (in Electronics/Software) currently working for the Bionics Institute of Australia. All College families are warmly invited to attend this significant occasion.                                         


This year we are continuing our successful Headstart program at the end of the year for two and a half weeks for current Years 9, 10 and 11.  In effect this means that our current Years 9 - 11 students will commence their 2016 VCE/VCAL subjects on Monday November 21 and finish on Thursday December 8.  The advantages to this program are that students can begin their 2017 classwork earlier and give them additional time to learn their respective VCE and VCAL subjects.  I have included this information now so that families can plan their end of year holidays with certainty and also know the finish times of each of the respective year levels.


Year 11 End of Year Dates

Last Day of classes                             Thursday November 10

Exams                                                    Friday November 11 – Friday November 18

Headstart program                               Monday November 21 – Thursday December 8


Years 10 End of Year Dates

Last Day of classes                             Friday November 11

Exams                                                    Monday November 14 – Friday November 18

Headstart program                              Monday November 21 – Thursday December 8


Year 9 End of Year Dates

Last Day of classes                             Monday November 14

Exams                                                   Tuesday November 15 – Friday November 18

Headstart program                             Monday November 21 – Thursday December 8



Years 8 End of Year Dates

Last Day of classes                             Friday December 2

Headstart program                              Monday December 5 – Thursday December 8


Year 7 End of Year Dates

Last Day of classes                             Thursday December 8


Principal’s Forum

Improving student’s learning is much more than simply changing the level at which they learn.  It is changing their learning behaviours at school, in the classroom and at home.  This will become even more important if the growing focus on 21st century skills – complemented by significant technological change in the classroom – is to truly transform the way students learn.  A major focus for our next three years will be on improving student literacy outcomes. 

One of my observations of Penola students are that they are beautiful students who are generally respectful of others and largely compliant in class.  What is of concern to me is that a large number of our students do not regularly complete homework and additional study outside class time.  For these students, our challenge is to work together with their families in an attempt to get them to take personal responsibility for their own learning.  Much of our discussions at the forum were spent around strategies to develop independence in students and ways that families could support these strategies.  I thank the parents who attended the Principal’s forum for their honest insights and feedback about ways that we can support families in developing independent study skills in their sons and daughters. 

Change of Enrolment Dates

Next year will see the change of enrolment dates from February of the Grade 6 year to August of the Grade 5 year.  In essence this means that 2018 enrolments close on Friday February 19, 2017.  I ask all of our existing families with students currently in Grade 5 to pay particular note to these dates. The 2019 enrolments close on Friday August 25, 2017 which is a significant change to the timeline for enrolments.  Our existing families with students currently in Grade 4 need to pay note of this date.

The final Principal Tour for this year will be conducted at the Glenroy campus on Wednesday 7th December at 9.00am.  For 2017, Principal tours have been scheduled for every second Wednesday with at least one evening session per term.

Student News

Congratulations to current Year 11 student, James Warren, on his appointment as the first District Youth Leader for Moreland-Darebin scouts. The Moreland-Darebin team proposed to state that a new role be created- "District Leader - Youth". They suggested that the role be filled by a Venturer, and to fulfil the role they would represent their peers at District Leader meetings, and attend Troop Councils where they could listen to Scouts express their opinion about Scouting. State were interested in the idea and suggested a trial be run in the Moreland-Darebin region.

The following statement has been released by Scouting Victoria. “James Warren has been nominated by his Unit Council to be our first DLY. James is already a huge contributor to Scouting as a member of the State Youth Venturer Council. Those of us that have seen James through District events and Scout activities will agree that he is highly organised, mature, and enthusiastic. James will be a great asset to the team over the next 12 months in his new role.”  We congratulate James on his appointment.

Staff professional Development Day

On Tuesday October 25, the teaching staff spent the afternoon looking at setting challenging learning tasks.  It was a very productive day and I thank Mr Dennis Alberto, Mr Adam Hipwell, Mr Brendan Smith and Ms Lucy D’Angelo for their organisation of the afternoon.  More time will be spent with the teaching staff at the end of the year once the students have finished for the year. 

God Bless

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani

Dear Parents, Year 12 students are currently sitting their VCE Exams after a fitting finish to their year. Their Graduation Ceremony was a fitting tribute to many years of hard work and diligence towards study.  We wish all our Year 12 students well in their endeavours to finish off the year successfully. Over the next few weeks the senior campus …

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From the Deputy Principal: Head of Junior Campus Stuart Harrison

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Junior Campus Stuart Harrison

Congratulations to our Year 8 netball, cricket and girls’ soccer team who all made the semi-finals last week. Unfortunately, all 3 teams lost but it was an outstanding effort to reach the semi’s. On Tuesday November the 22nd our Year 8 students will have a Math’s and English exam at the Senior Campus. In the past students have not sat …

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From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D'Angelo

From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D'Angelo


Our Year 12 students are now in the third week of the VCAA examination period. The students have been arriving punctually and well prepared. Many exam revision classes have been taking place around the College and it is great to see so many students taking up the opportunity to study with their teachers and peers and submitting many …

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Penola Sport Facebook Page


Debutante Ball

Our Lady's Parish Craigieburn is holding their annual Debutante Ball on Friday 30th June, 2017.

If any Year 11 or Year 12 girls are interested, please contact Mrs Bretag at the canteen or ring Mrs Jeanette O'Neill in 9308 1592 as soon as possible.

Thank you




Forms can be filled out NOW for 2017 providing your card is eligible

CSEF eligibility DATES

For concession card holders CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either term one (30 January 2017) or term two (18 April 2017).

CSEF Applications forms can be collected either:

• Accounts Office (Broadmeadows Campus)

• Glenroy Campus Office

• Attached to this newsletter

• www.education.vic.gov.au/csef

• Emailed to dgaetano@penola.vic.edu.au

CSEF Flyer

CSEF 2017 Application Form


Academy Uniforms will now be selling the new logo on all College clothes.

All uniform with the old logo with the exception of blazers will be donated to an overseas charity in the next few weeks.


Second Hand Uniform Sales


Fortnightly Tuesdays, Broadmeadows Campus

8.45am until 10.30am

Term 4:    22nd November,  6th December

Anybody who wishes to sell their freshly dry cleaned second hand uniform items, can do so by leaving them at Reception.  A small fee will be charged for postage and handling.

All items must show they have been dry cleaned by having dry cleaning tag attached. 


Academy Uniforms

238 Wolseley Place,


Ph: 9460 8011

Academy Uniforms also run a school shop service at Broadmeadows Campus in the current second hand uniform area in the Mannes building on:

Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 9:30am

Thursday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:00pm


Academy Uniforms are now ON-LINE

Simply go to http://www.academyuniforms.com.au/


Choose Penola Catholic College and enter password Broadmeadows

Orders can be sent to the School Shop or home address.

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