Newsletter . Volume 16 . 27th October 2016

From The Principal: Chris Caldow

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Advance Notice of Change of Date of Report Writing Day on Broadmeadows Campus

We have changed the date for the Report Writing Day on the Broadmeadows campus.  It will now occur on Tuesday November 22.  Monday November 21 will become the beginning of the Headstart program for our current Years 9 – 11 students.  All current Years 9 – 11 students should have received an email to confirm their subject choices for 2017 and enable families to complete the booklist in readiness for the Headstart program. Headstart will run from Monday November 21 to Thursday December 8 where students will commence the 2017 academic year.  Our apologies to all families, particularly those who may have made plans, for the late change but we believe that the change is necessary.

Farewell to Year 12 students

As our Year 12 students completed their formal classes with us last week and begin their written exams this week it is fitting that we pay tribute to them in this, their final newsletter, before their final exams finish.  Their behavior was impeccable throughout the final week where they completed a range of activities including a College Assembly where they were farewelled by all staff and students, their Year 12 breakfast and dress up morning and the Graduation Mass.  We take this time to reflect on their contribution and achievements over the past six years and celebrate the conclusion of their secondary education.

I take this opportunity of firstly thanking our two College Captains, Katrina Angerosa and Joseph Calara for their leadership of the student body over 2016.  Both of these young people have worked very hard and have made a wonderful contribution this year.  I also thank all of other Year 12 students who have held positions of leadership for their contribution to our Penola community.

I have recently spoken at a Year 12 assembly to highlight to the students the importance of remaining focused on study in the coming weeks as they approach their examinations.  I also highlighted the importance of safety in the post examination celebratory period and to look out for each other during this time to avoid any unpleasant or dangerous incidents. I encourage parents and guardians to discuss this with their children if they are going away with others to celebrate.

I encourage the Year 12 students to become active in the Penola Collegians Association next year so that they may maintain strong links with the College community into the future.  I wish all the Year 12 students every grace and blessing for their future and, in particular, wish them well in the upcoming examination period.

I am sure that all members of our community will keep our Year 12 students in their prayers over the next few weeks.  I have included below an excerpt from my speech at the Graduation Mass

“…As parents, family members and staff members, there are, no doubt, many things that we would like to say to you, our graduating students, as you prepare to leave the college and embark on the journey of adulthood.  Our hearts are filled with hopes and prayers for you, and indeed some fears and anxieties as well. I would like to share several of those hopes with you.

We hope that you will be people filled with joy.  Life is full of many wonderful gifts.  May you recognize in these gifts the spirit of our gracious and loving God.  With great joy, may you be able to place your trust and hope in God.

We hope that you will be people filled with love.  May you be able to share the gift of yourself with others and as you do so, be able to grow in self-understanding and acceptance. Our most basic human need is to love and to be loved in return.  It is difficult to love those who are selfish and totally self-centred.  As parents I thank you tonight for the privilege of educating your sons and daughters and congratulate you on your insight in working with the College to promote Christian values.

We hope that you will be people filled with peace and that you will be peace-makers.  Our world is crying out desperately for peace.  Peace-makers seek to transform the world.  May you use your energy, talents, skills and, most of all, your imagination, to create such a world.

We hope that you will be people filled with courage.  To be courageous is to be true to yourself. We pray that in all situations in your lives you will be true to your human dignity as people created in the image and likeness of a loving God.  We pray that you will be true to the ideals and values of the Christian faith, the faith in which you have been nurtured within your family, your schools and parishes.

We hope that you will be people filled with compassion.  To be compassionate is to journey with those who suffer or who are in need.  Like Saint Mary MacKillop, our College patron, may you never see a need without doing something about it.  May you recognize the great injustices in our world and be fired with a burning zeal to make the world a better place. ..”

I know this is an exciting time but it is also a pretty scary one. The future can be uncertain. Your story has not yet been written, so embrace the uncertainty. University or TAFE is great but trust me, it's not for everyone.  One of the benefits of uncertainty and change is the myriad of opportunities it provides. Who would have thought when I left school that there would be web designers, social media editors or mobile phone sellers!

Please do not get me wrong, there is no bigger proponent for higher education than me. That's why it's so important for our city and state to improve our current educational system. We owe it to graduates like you. Thanks to the opportunities I received from my tertiary studies, I was able to find work in country Victoria and, later, in Melbourne.  But that was my path. It doesn't have to be yours.

What's most important is that you capitalize on the opportunities that are presented to you. Whether it is on campus or in a trade school, find your own path. Continue to learn, strive to be authentic – the best possible version of you that you can be. Don't mimic the paths of others. Be flexible but be patient. Who knows where life will take you – take measured risks and bolster yourself when times get tough.

To parents and family members, I say thank you for the privilege of allowing us to share in the lives of these young women and young men.  We thank you for the trust you have placed in us. I congratulate you for the work that you have done as parents and care-givers in raising such wonderful young people.  To those families of Year 12 students who this year will conclude their association with Penola, I thank you for your commitment to Catholic Education and for your support of Penola Catholic College over many years.  May you continue to be blessed in the important role that you play as parents and guardians.

Finally to the students, I would like to finish by reminding you who you are.  You are Penola people and you have been educated at a College which has respected you.  You have come from families that have loved you unconditionally.  As you move into the next stage of your life, travel the journey with confidence in the spirit of Jesus Christ and Saint Mary MacKillop.

Year 10 Ball

The Year 10 Ball is one of my favourite events in our Calendar as it provides an opportunity for our parents to see their sons and daughters interacting with others and enjoying themselves.  It also allows us as staff members to see some of our students in a different light as they present themselves in a different way to the way in which they may present in the classroom.  My thanks to the staff who attended the night, our Year 10 PE staff who assisted in teaching the dancing, Michelle Galati, Deveraj Kumar and Rosa Lucarelli for their expert dance tuition and to Photios Pavlou, Mark O’Dowd and Richard Linton for all of their organisation of the event.  My favourite part of the night is the Father-daughter and Mother-Son dance where all enjoy the experience!


For me Term 4 is the beginning of something wonderful: Spring, new journeys and for all those who love Christmas it is the beginning of the countdown to Advent.  As the end of the year approaches for the students, it is important to savour the experiences of these final few weeks at school. Taking the time to laugh with friends, enjoy the warmth of the approaching summer sun, the fragrance of the blooming blossoms and to remember how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful city. This term we will be focusing on offering thanks and goodwill to not just God within prayer, but amongst the teachers and the students as a focus within religion classes. We hope that you have the opportunity to stop in a beautiful park or on a sandy beach, and to lie down and look up at the wonderful sky that encompasses us. To take in its grandeur and simply say, ‘Thank you God for this wonderful gift of life and nature, I am eternally grateful.


Spring Awakening by Lily Baker

Spring is the magical time

When the rainbow lorikeets hum and the honey suckles blossom,

When I actively bounce down the sand dunes

And onto the pea green grass,

The waratahs and the wattles bloom,

And my heart opens to the riot of spring.

I love this time when everything comes to life,

Nature triumphs in the trees, swaying freely in the wind,

Stealing my train of thought

And making my imagination run wild.

I am inspired by this heavenly kingdom,

The tranquility of dew droplets falling,


The mastery of the rain.

I feel connected.

Tree sap trickles down the bark of native gum trees

I examine this, calmly, curiously.

Sometimes the wind whispers to me at dusk

Giving me confidence within my body

I promise

I will always make the most of springtime.

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani

Dear Parents, last week was an eventful week with many appreciation week activities taking place to farewell our Year 12 students. At the final College Assembly for the year, our Year 12 students were farewelled by the college community and a number of these students were honoured for their achievements throughout the year. On Tuesday students enjoyed the traditional dress-up …

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From the Deputy Principal: Head of Junior Campus Stuart Harrison

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Junior Campus Stuart Harrison

On Monday the 17th the grade 4s from our primary schools visited the Junior Campus for half a day. The students sampled all that Penola has to offer and was well received by all. I would like to thank all the Glenroy staff and those who assisted from the Senior Campus for their hard work on the day and a …

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Year 12 Awards


Student Leadership Award

Selection Criteria:

• Shows commitment, loyalty and responsibility

• Proven leadership skills

• Able to relate well to peers and adults

• Good communication skills

Recipients are:     Bruno De Jesus Neto Cunha

                             Michael Sega

                             Lily Nguyen

                             Joseph Calara

                             Katrina Angerosa


Co-Curricular Involvement Award       

Selection Criteria:

• Actively involved in the College Co-Curricular program

• Demonstrated initiative through involvement in the Co-Curricular program

• Has made a positive contribution to the Co-Curricular program                      

Recipients are:     Jordyn Bazzano

                             Josie Soares

                             Connor Ferris


Student Personal Endeavour Award

Selection Criteria:

• Achieving personal success under difficult circumstances

• Has demonstrated significant personal endeavour as a member of the College community

Recipients are:     Breeana King

                             Sarah Nikoloudis

                             Kristina Subotic


Community Service Award

Selection Criteria:

• Evidence of a willingness to serve others

• Actively involved in one or more community service projects

• Promotes community service involvement

• Positive role model to other students

Recipients are: Gemma Brown

                         Bianca Hormis

                         Lisa Nguyen


House Leadership Award 

Selection Criteria:

Best House Captain / Vice-Captain of the year. The student will have demonstrated:

• High degree of initiative and enthusiasm in promoting involvement of fellow students in House activities

• Reliability in attending meetings and completing organizational tasks.

• Personal participation in House events.

Recipient is: Josie Soares


Excellence in Sport Award

Selection Criteria:

• Has demonstrated excellence in one or more sports

• Has made a significant contribution to the sporting life of the College

• Has been a positive role model as a sportsperson

Recipients are: Michael Sega

                        Josie Soares


Principal’s Award for Technology:

The recipient is:    Mason Romagnoli (Systems Engineering)

                             Julian Lobosco (Design and Technology: Wood)


Academic Excellence Award

Selection Criteria

• Year 12 students who have been nominated for 3 or more Subject/Highest Achiever Awards.


Tenison Woods Excellence in Science Award

Selection Criteria:

• Strong commitment to the study of Science

• Evidence of an active and enthusiastic in Science co-curricular programs

• Demonstrated academic success in Science

Recipient is: Katrina Angerosa


Mary MacKillop Award for school spirit

Selection Criteria:

• Motivated, (inspirational)

• Evidence of a willingness to serve others

• Significant role model in student community

• Consistently involved in College life

• Demonstrated initiative

Recipient is: Katrina Angerosa




The Year 7 classes studying Italian this semester recently participated in the Swinburne Poetry Competition. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Penola Catholic College once again, is amongst the winners! It gives me even greater pleasure to announce that AMANDA ATTARD (7D) came FIRST in the Non-Italian category! That is a magnificent achievement! We also had 10 students awarded a Certificato di Lode (Honourable Mention) and 13 students awarded a Certificato di Merito (Merit).

Congratulations must also go to all Year 7’s who participated this year and a special thank you to Professoresse Franzoni e Pace for their work with the students.

Looking forward to another successful year in 2017!

Professoressa Mancuso (HOL Languages - Glenroy)


Pizza making in Italian Discovery

On the 19th of October the year 10 students in Ms Di Perna’s Italian Discovery class cooked “Pizza al taglio” as in class we will begin to study the Latium region, home to the city of Rome. In this class we prepared the toppings for the pizzas which were mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, olives, salami, ham,  diced tomatoes and oregano. Students did not prepare the dough as there was not enough time in a double period so Ms Di Perna kindly prepared the dough beforehand. The students learnt how to spread the dough evenly on the pan and place the toppings on the pizza with the diced tomatoes and the various toppings and the mozzarella going on top half way in the cooking process. More so this class enjoyed the activity of making pizza as it is always fun and I think everyone ate the pizza with a smile on their face.  If they brought their own lunches to school that day, they would have made it back home untouched.

By Jesse Osrecak 10I


Year 10 students who have chosen to study the Italian Discovery elective have had the opportunity to learn about the history, geography and culture of six of the twenty regions of Italy namely Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Toscana, Lazio and Sicilia.  No doubt, the highlight of each unit of study has been the cooking component where each student has been able to actively participate in the preparation of a regional speciality.  Dishes have ranged from entrees to desserts, with students either sampling the Italian dish at school or taking the prepared dish home to share with their family.  It has been a rewarding experience to see the students enthusiastic and enjoying the immersion in Italian culture through food and the LOTE faculty looks forward to the continuing promotion of this aspect of all the Languages offered at the College.

Anna Di Perna

Year 10 Italian Teacher


Last Wednesday, my Italian discovery class and I were lucky enough to be preparing our own pizza in relation to the topics we are studying this term, “Toscana” as well as the region of “Lazio”. Ms Di Perna prepared the dough for the base in advance as we didn’t have enough time throughout the double period, although the students were helpful towards the prepping of the ingredients as well as making the pizza. Many ingredients were available for the students to use and delve into. Overall, my class and I had a fun experience making the pizza with Ms Di Perna as we savoured the wonderful taste.

Olivia Esho, 10D


Are you interested in other cultures?

Do you enjoy meeting and interacting with new people?

Are you curious about how teenagers live overseas?

This is the program for you ….

In March 2017, Penola will be hosting students from our Sister Schools in France (Avignon) and Japan (Tokyo). Students and staff from these schools will head to Melbourne to complete a “taster” of our Australian way of life, living with a family for approximately 10-14 days.

As part of the reciprocal nature of our Homestay program we are inviting the families of students who would like to travel to France or Japan in 2018, families of students who travelled in 2016 as well as other interested families who would like to participate in this unique experience, to host and thereby develop new friendships and an understanding of cultural diversity first hand. Students who host will be given preference to travel in 2018 (where applicable) and may be hosted by the family of the student they have hosted.

The Homestay experience has many benefits, both for our visitors who are keen to improve their English language skills and their knowledge of Australia, and for our students who will be able to continue to develop and refine their English language skills and learn more about Australia and its culture.                       
If this type of experience interests you, then please send an expression of interest by email to Mrs Favrin (convenor of Homestays) as soon as possible. I will then be able to provide you with some further information about the program.


Penola Sport Facebook Page



Second Hand Uniform Sales


Fortnightly: TUESDAYS at Broadmeadows Campus from 8.45am until 10.30am

Term 4:     4th October,  18th October,  8th November,  22nd November,  6th December

Anybody who wishes to sell their freshly dry cleaned second hand uniform items, can do so by leaving them at Reception.  A small fee will be charged for postage and handling.

All items must show they have been dry cleaned by having dry cleaning tag attached. 


Academy Uniforms

238 Wolseley Place,


Ph: 9460 8011

Academy Uniforms also run a school shop service at Broadmeadows Campus in the current second hand uniform area in the Mannes building on:

Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 9:30am

Thursday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:00pm


Academy Uniforms are now ON-LINE

- Simply go to http://www.academyuniforms.com.au/


- Choose Penola Catholic College and enter password Broadmeadows

Orders can be sent to the School Shop or home address.


Penola Catholic College

Junior Campus: 35 William Street, Glenroy, VIC 3046
Senior Campus: 29 Gibson Street, Broadmeadows, VIC 3047

Postal Address:
PO Box 637, Glenroy, VIC

Telephone:(03) 9301-2777
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