Newsletter . Volume 12 . 18th August 2016

From The Principal: Chris Caldow

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Prayer for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Monday August 15 is the Feast of the Assumption. I have included a prayer for the Assumption of Mary Father in heaven, All creation rightly gives you praise, For all life and holiness come from you. In the plan of your wisdom She who bore Christ in her womb Was raised …

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From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus Ernie Pisani

From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus

Ernie Pisani

Dear Parents,

The term is moving along at a fast pace. Students are currently engaged in researching and making decisions about program and subject choices for next year. Year 9 and 10 students have in recent days attended course advice sessions with college staff to assist in determining the most suitable program for 2017. Students and parents are reminded that help is available through the respective Year level Coordinator if they are still unsure about the year ahead.

Yr 12 students are entering the final stages of their academic program. As they near the end of the term, the last of the School Assessed Course work will be required of them. Good routines will be critical at this stage to ensure that they cope with the final push. On the 31st August, parents are highly advised to attend the Year 12 Parent Information Night/Parent Student Teacher Interviews which will give them some understanding of the final stages of the year and how to deal with the stresses of this time, exams program and Year 12 Graduation events. Please see the program details of the night below.

Parent Student Teacher Interviews take place on the 31st August fort all parents and students of the senior campus. As the night also doubles up as the Year 12 Parent Information Night the following is program is in place:

Congratulations to the Performing Arts departments from Penola Catholic College, Gladstone Park Secondary College, Hume Anglican Grammar, Overnewton Anglican Community College and Hume Central for an excellent night of entertainment at the Battle of the Bands Concert last Friday night. The 70s themed concert showcased some terrific talent from the schools participating. Congratulations to Lewis Ciaverella, Huyen Nguyen, Lorenzo Romeo, Matthew Capuano and Alex Weaver on winning the Best Senior Band in the competition and Olivia Bruns on winning the Best Junior Performer.   


From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning

Lucy D'Angelo







Penola Catholic College is committed to continual improvement to ensure we live out our Mission to provide a high quality, holistic education. The School Improvement Framework (SIF) of the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) has two purposes: to satisfy the expectations of government and sector authorities about accountability for the outcomes of schooling; and to assist schools and teachers to improve student learning outcomes.

The Framework promotes an evidence-based inquiry approach to planning within the school. It requires schools to incorporate ongoing monitoring and evaluation of student outcomes to ensure continuous school improvement and to regularly reflect upon questions such as: How are we going? How do we know? What would we like to achieve? What do we have to do to achieve these outcomes? How will we know whether we have achieved what we want?

In order to gain the feedback from all of our stakeholders, parents, students and staff are asked to complete a SIF survey annually.


During the week beginning Monday 29th August all students will be bringing home an A4 envelope home marked CONFIDENTIAL. Within the envelope are the instructions for completing the parent surveys. All families who complete the survey and return the tear off slips will be eligible to go into the draw for a $250 reduction from their school fees. All paper based surveys and the entries for the draw need to be returned back to school by Friday 9th September.  All teachers will be completing the surveys as well as 100 students per year level.


The subject selection process for 2017 has now come to a close. 

If any students did not complete their online subject selections by the due date, they must see Mr. Zavadlal or Mrs. D’Angelo by Monday 22nd August at Broadmeadows Campus and Mr. Dullard or Mr. Greatwood at Glenroy Campus.

Year 7 student subject selection CLOSED on the 29th August

Year 8 student subject selection CLOSES at midnight on the 18th August

Year 9 student subject selection CLOSES at midnight on the 18th August

Year 10 - 11 student subject selection CLOSED on the 16th August

The Penola Catholic College Curriculum Handbooks are available online on our school website - http://penola.vic.edu.au/overview-handbooks/


Students who have applied for VCAL or Year 10 Vocational Pathway Programs will be informed by email this week whether the application has been successful or not.  Confirmation in writing together with their declaration which outlines conditions for acceptance into the program will be mailed out to all successful applicants by Friday 2nd September.

Applications for Accelerated studies are currently being processed.  Students will be informed between 6th and the 16th September via mail.  Prior to this date some students will be interviewed if there are concerns regarding their applications.  Successful applicants will be required to complete a declaration which outlines the conditions of acceptance into the Accelerated program.


Successful outcomes for students are enhanced when parents, teachers and students work together to support the learning experience.  The purpose of these interviews is to provide important information for parents and students and the purpose is to review the beginning of semester 2, celebrate success, and identify areas for further development and plan for the exams later in the year.  It also provides an opportunity for all teachers to be available to meet with parents and students. 

The final opportunity for Parent Teacher Student Meetings for 2016 are as follows:

•               Year 9 – 11 at BROADMEADOWS CAMPUS ONLY: Wednesday 31st August from 4-8:30pm

•               Year 7 – 8 at GLENROY CAMPUS ONLY: Thursday 13th October from 4-8:30pm

As you are already aware Progress and Semester reports are no longer printed, however, they are available on MyPenola for parents and students to view and print as required.

On the same night as our Parent Teacher Student Meetings at Broadmeadows, we will be also holding our Year 12 Information Night.


As we are approaching the end of our learning journey for 2016 and preparations for exams are becoming increasingly important, the Term 3 Progress Reports will provide a snapshot of where students are currently in the development of their skills and knowledge. They also provide information regarding the approaches to their academic studies. Combined with the feedback students receive on the work they have completed so far, and the valuable discussions which will take place at the Parent-Teacher-Student meetings, the Progress Reports provide important information to parents and students.

With the support of their teachers and parents, students are encouraged to approach the final weeks with a growth mindset and focus on looking forward as they prepare for their end of year examinations.

Each semester, our expectation is that all students will develop new knowledge and skills and make significant improvement, regardless of their individual starting point.

Year 7 – 12 progress reports will be made available to parents via the College Parent Portal on Monday 5th September, 2016

School Reports will be available only via the Parent Portal

As you are already aware Progress and Semester reports are no longer printed; however, they are available on MyPenola for parents and students to view and print as required.


Year 7 & Year 9 NAPLAN Results have arrived this week.  A confidential report for each student who participated in the NAPLAN 2016 tests together with the NAPLAN Student Report Information sheet will be mailed out next week.


Students are advised to begin summarising their notes and revising for the end of year examinations as they complete each topic, as well as using the September school holidays to plan and further develop study routines.

Year 8 students will be completing end of year examinations for the first time this year for English & Mathematics at the Senior Campus. This is to allow students to become accustomed to developing revision study habits and examinations skills for future years.

A reminder that Year 12 Practice exams will take place in the second week of the September school holidays.  Year 11 students who are completing a Year 12 subject will be required to attend the practice exam for that Year 12 subject at the time scheduled for their class during the holidays. The Year 12 Practice exam timetable is available on the VCE page of MyPenola.


Current Year 8 Students

This year we will be commencing the Headstart program for Year 8 students into Year 9, 2017 from the 5th to the 8th December.  This means that as of the 5th December, our current Year 8 students will be starting their Year 9 program at the Senior Campus in the Year 9 McCormack Centre.

Current Years 9-11 Students

This year will be the second year of the Headstart Program for Years 9 – 11 students.  Therefore, our current Year 9-11 students will be commencing their 2017 programs of study on the 22nd November, 2016.  Students have been advised to make very careful subject selections as there will not be any subject changes possible in 2017.  There will be an opportunity for Year 9-11 students to make changes to their courses of study by 25th November after having completed one week of Headstart classes. 

Student Resources for Headstart

Students will require their text books and digital resources by the 22nd November, 2016.  The Campion Resource lists and the Penola Resource lists for the 2017 academic year will be distributed at the start of Term 4 to ensure that orders are placed and delivered in readiness for the Headstart Program.

Timeline dates for 2017 Re-Enrolment


Yr 12 2017 due 7/9/2016               $200

Yr 11 2017 due 05/10/16               $200

Yr 10 2017 due 31/08/2016           $100

Yr 9 2017 due 7/9/15                     $100

Yr 8 2017 due 31/08/2016             $100




9E would like to thank the many Parents, Teachers and Students who supported our raffle. We raised $75, to be handed over to St Vincent De Paul Society.

The winner of our “basket of junk food” was Ron Niemer, grandfather of Teigan McLean in Year 9. Congratulations!

Sport Report by Brett Dickinson

Sport Report by Brett Dickinson

Year 9 Premier League Round 3 vs Kolbe

Year 9 Volleyball Boys

Winter had definitely set in on Tuesday afternoon and it was fair to say that the gym temperature was below zero and the thought of wearing a T-shirt and shorts was definitely not a welcoming one. That, however, seemed to have no effect on the boy’s determination to get …

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Second Hand Uniform Sales


Fortnightly: TUESDAYS at Broadmeadows Campus from 8.45am until 10.30am

Term 3:       9th August,  23rd August,  6th September

Term 4:     4th October,  18th October,  8th November,  22nd November,  6th December

Anybody who wishes to sell their freshly dry cleaned second hand uniform items, can do so by leaving them at Reception.  A small fee will be charged for postage and handling.

All items must show they have been dry cleaned by having dry cleaning tag attached. 


Academy Uniforms

238 Wolseley Place,


Ph: 9460 8011

Academy Uniforms also run a school shop service at Broadmeadows Campus in the current second hand uniform area in the Mannes building on:

Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 9:30am

Thursday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:00pm


Academy Uniforms are now ON-LINE

- Simply go to www.academyuniforms.com.au


- Choose Penola Catholic College and enter password Broadmeadows

Orders can be sent to the School Shop or home address.


Penola Catholic College

Junior Campus: 35 William Street, Glenroy, VIC 3046
Senior Campus: 29 Gibson Street, Broadmeadows, VIC 3047

Postal Address:
PO Box 637, Glenroy, VIC

Telephone:(03) 9301-2777
Fax:(03) 9301-2770