Newsletter - Volume 10 - 21 July 2016

From The Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Term 3 Welcome

The term has begun and both the students and staff appear to be happy to be back at school. I hope that the holiday period was relaxing and that you were able to spend some quality time together as a family. In particular, I would like to welcome a number of new students and their families: Hend Bonicci Year 7, Jennifer Bonicci Year 8 and Daniel Bonicci Year 9.  We hope that your time with us is both productive and rewarding.


The term ahead

This is an important term in terms of consolidating the work of first semester and using the time wisely. This is particularly true of students undertaking Unit 4 subjects as the end of year exams will be upon them before they know it. In preparation for these exams the College conducts trial exams during the second week of the Term 3 holiday period.  These exams will take place on Monday September 26, Tuesday September 27, Wednesday September 28 and Thursday September 29. These exams are considered compulsory as they provide the best possible preparation prior to the VCAA exams in late October and November.

Our VCAL Information Evening will be conducted on Thursday July 21 in the Mary MacKillop Auditorium.  The purpose of the evening is to outline the essential components of the VCAL program namely literacy, numeracy, work related skills, personal development skills and industry specific skills.  The entire purpose of the VCAL program is to prepare students for the workforce and to make them work ready.

The College will also lead students in Years 9 & 10 through the process of subject selection and an important information evening is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26. As a school we are attempting to provide as much information as we can to ensure that all of our students are making informed choices with regards to their subject selections. I understand the anxieties experienced by both parents and students in trying to determine which subjects to do in the subsequent years. At 14, 15 or 16 years of age it is difficult to determine a future career path or even direction. Many students are in exactly the same position of not knowing what it is that they may do in the future. There are some broad principles in terms of subject selections that apply to all students:

Choose subjects that you enjoy. 

This makes sense to me, as students will put more effort into subjects that they enjoy and where there is an increased chance of receiving good grades.

Choose subjects that are required for your future career path

Provided you know your future career path, you should choose any prerequisite subjects that may be required. Generally this means choosing the highest level of mathematics that you are capable of, continuing with a language if possible or investigating/researching the subjects that are required for tertiary study. Where a future career path is unknown, it is best to keep your options open by choosing a broad course or researching the consequences of not choosing a subject. 

Choose subjects that you are good at.

Students may not necessarily like a particular subject but they are very talented in the area, or have always found the subject easier than most. 

I ask all families to allocate time to discuss subject selections over the next few weeks. Take advantage of the information sessions available here at the school, organise interviews with relevant staff members and complete your own research regarding what is best for your son. As long as the decisions that are made are informed decisions, then we are all doing the best that we possibly can!

Later in the term we will go through the process of electing student leaders for the 2017 school year, another important aspect of third term. I will speak to the students about the opportunities to become involved as student leaders at the College. This process will commence this Friday, July 22.

 As ever, we have our ongoing teaching and learning - our core business. Term 3 means planning for 2017: subject selection, information evenings, Year 9 interviews, determining staff intentions for 2017, staff reviews and School Improvement Framework surveys. I thank you in anticipation for your support of these ventures so that once again, we may be off to a smooth start for 2017.


Child Safe Schools

The care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people is a central and fundamental responsibility of Catholic education. Penola Catholic College is committed to strengthened practice for the protection of children in line with the Victorian Government child safety reforms.

The Victorian Government’s 2012–2013 Betrayal of Trust Parliamentary Inquiry found that more must be done to prevent and respond to child abuse in all organisations working with children. The Betrayal of Trust report highlighted gaps and inconsistencies in child-safe practices in organisations and recommended immediate steps for the safety of children through the introduc­tion of a comprehensive set of child-safe standards.

On 26 November 2015, the Victorian Parliament passed the Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment (Child Safe Standards) Bill 2015 (Vic.) to introduce the Victorian Child-Safe Standards into law. From 1 August 2016, compliance with this new legislation will become a registration requirement for all schools in Victoria.

Preventing and responding to child abuse requires a whole of community response to bring about broad cultural change. To this end, the Victorian Child Safe Standards apply to a broad range of organisations that provide services for children, including schools, churches, sporting clubs and youth services.

For schools, these child-safe standards represent holistic education and organisational preventative measures in ensuring the safety of children and young people.

The Catholic sector’s response to the Victorian child-safe reforms reflect our commitment to lead the way, not only by meeting our compliance and legislative requirements but through cultural change and strategies that ensure child-safe practices are embedded in everyday practice.

A child safe organisation takes deliberate steps to protect children from physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and cultural abuse and neglect. This commitment to protecting children must be embedded in our school’s culture and policies. Responsibility for taking action must be understood and accepted by everyone.

A child safe organisation fosters and demonstrates openness in a variety of ways. This directly and indirectly creates a culture in which everyone; staff, volunteers, parents, carers and children, feel confident, enabled and supported to safely disclose child safety concerns.

Penola Catholic College is currently working to embed the new Child Safe Standards in our policies and practices include reviewing our practices in the areas of excursions and camps, out-of-hours activity. sport practice and competition, use of technology and messaging.


Homestay arrangements

Along with schools across Victoria, the College has embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of its policies and procedures in line with the new State Government legislation. Schools must meet legal requirements for the care, safety and welfare of students. From 1 August 2016, they also need to meet child-safe standards to achieve a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse.

This is a very positive step to ensure all schools take the strongest approach possible to child safety. It’s not just paying lip-service to a policy, but making sure every school takes specific steps. For example, some of the actions include a child safety code of conduct, procedures around staff selection, supervision and management as well as responding to and reporting allegations of suspected child abuse.

I have attached a copy of our draft Child Safe Policy for parents to review and provide feedback with any proposed changes.  This policy will then go to the College Board for ratification and approval.  Click on the attached link to access the Penola Catholic College Child Safe Policy


Staff Changes

A particularly warm welcome to new staff member Miss Melanie Brooks replacing Jenny Doan. She will be teaching Years 9 & 10 Physical Education and Health and Year 9 Science. Welcome back to Ms Jeanne Deutscher who has been appointed to replace Mr Photios Pavlou for Term 3 whilst he has long service leave. Welcome also to Ms Alex Bond who is covering Mrs Elena Natoli while she is on leave. Welcome also to language assistants Martina Vanin and Justine Klepper.

Welcome back to Ms Stephanie Cassino and Ms Lisa Grech after maternity leave. Welcome back to Mr Tom Flook, Ms Jenny Carroll, Ms Sonia Rocco-Redvers, Mr Peter Hatherley, Ms Corlien Heijnen, Mr Daniel Hennequin and Mr Bernie Brown after periods of leave at the end of last term or all semester in Mr Brown’s case.



Our thoughts are with Sr Rita Malavisi, whose father passed away on Thursday July 14 and Ms Julie Tatum whose stepfather passed away in the holidays.  Condolences to the King family (Breeana, Year 12) on the passing of Grace King after a battle with pancreatic cancer.


The School Production “Hairspray”

Staff and students have been rehearsing almost non-stop in preparation for our Annual College Production on Thursday July 28 7.30pm, Friday July 29 7.30pm, Saturday July 30 1.30pm and 7.30pm.  Countless hours of practice and rehearsal has gone into this year’s production “Hairspray”.  I am attending the Thursday night session and I encourage all members of our College community to attend as well.  I thank in advance the student body involved with Hairspray including the cast members, band, backstage and costumes.  I am mindful of the time commitment that this has meant for our students, staff but also parents as they have had to ferry around their sons or daughters to rehearsals and the like.  I hope that the performances are an accurate reflection of the effort, commitment and talents of all those involved.  Bookings can be made on trybooking.com


Student Sporting Successes

Ezi Magbegor was a student at Penola Catholic College from 2012 to 2014 when she was awarded a scholarship for Basketball to the Australian Institute of Sport.  She has been at the AIS for the past 18 months and was a member of the Australian Under 17 Basketball Team that recently won the World titles.  Ezi was also a guest presenter on the Channel 10 show “Have you been paying attention?” on Monday July 11.  Congratulations to Ezi and I am sure we will hear much more about her in the future.

Ovie Magbegor is currently in Year 12 and has been selected to represent Australia at the Adidas Invitational Basketball Competition in Las Vegas.  Ovie left on Sunday July 16 and will be away for the next fortnight.  The competition is basically designed so that recruiters from American Colleges can recruit and offer scholarships to bolster their basketball teams.  We wish Ovie well.

Anthony Farinacci is currently in Year 9 and plays soccer with the Whittlesea Rangers Under 15 Soccer Team.  His team competed in the Dubai Super Cup and won the Under 16 division.  Unfortunately Anthony missed the competition due to a family wedding but you can find out more by clicking here.


World Youth Day

This Friday Ms Kasia Pliszka will accompany students Stavros Marogi and Ashlee Milich to Krakow, Poland to participate in World Youth Day activities. WYD is a Catholic event to let young people know about the message of Jesus Christ, in the context of a joyful meeting of the Pope, young people and leaders of the Church. We hope this opportunity assists Stavros and Ashlee in their faith journey and we look forward to them sharing their experience with us on their return.


From the Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus

Ernie Pisani

Term Two is generally seen as a busy but exciting term. Whilst it is not the longest term of the year, it is probably the most productive as a number of major College events and activities take place this term. This Newsletter will highlight a number of these events.

On Thursday 21st July, commencing at 6:30 pm, an Information Night will take place for students (and their parents) about the Vocational Pathways Program for Year 11 and 12 students. This program is designed to run as an alternative program to the VCE to assist students to be work-ready or engage in some TAFE related programs in pursuit of apprenticeships or work options. The Vocational Pathways Program for Year 10 students will also be featured during this session. This is program designed as a pre-VCAL for those students wishing to pursue VCAL studies in the years ahead.

The Senior Programs Night on the 26th July is a must-attend for all students in Year 9 & 10 and their parents. On this night a number of staff will present to students the range of possibilities for studies in Year 10, 11 and 12 as well pertinent careers information. A huge range of subject information booths will be available for students and parents to seek out information about specific subjects and their relation to specific careers options. A letter giving you more detail about the night has been issued via your child.

The recent cold weather has brought a real challenge to all students and staff. As a school we offer students sheltered areas which allow them to get out of the cold and rain. The cold snap also brings all sorts of pressures on the application of the college’s strict uniform standards. In recent weeks there has been an outbreak of students who insist on using the PE jacket or the rain jacket in place of the college blazer. Whilst we understand the motives of such decisions, it infringes the college uniform standards. The rain jacket is purely a raincoat for rainy days and the PE jacket can only be worn with the PE tracksuit. On extremely cold days, students are encouraged to wear the college jumper under the blazer.  

There are two scheduled Parent Student Teacher Interviews in August for the Senior Campus. The first one is on August 2nd (4:00 until 8:30 pm). This day is also a student free day; and the second set of Interviews in August is on the 31st. Even though it is not listed on the calendar, this day will be deemed an early leave day; students on the Senior Campus will be dismissed at 3:00pm and interviews will commence at 4:00. Parents are encouraged to attend these interviews as we approach the final stages of the year. Interviews are booked through the parent portal.

The Student Leadership Program will be launched on Friday 22nd of July. This launch will offer students an opportunity to be informed about student leadership in general and will endeavour to skill them up to take on the role as student leaders. Following the launch, a series of training opportunities will be available where we will flag some high profile college leadership roles to be contested at the College Leadership Assembly on 19th August. In October, a student leadership camp will also take place to give elected student leaders further opportunities to develop leadership skills. We encourage students to embrace these opportunities as part of their own development but also as a way of ensuring that a student voice is featured in the growth of the college.

I wish all students every success this term.


Timeline dates for 2017 Re-Enrolment


Yr 12 2017 due 7/9/2016               $200

Yr 11 2017 due 05/10/16               $200

Yr 10 2017 due 31/08/2016           $100

Yr 9 2017 due 7/9/15                     $100

Yr 8 2017 due 31/08/2016             $100



Careers Expo Week (senior campus)

On Monday 25th July the Careers team will be holding a Career Expo at the senior campus. The Expo will run over the entire day, with each year level having a compulsory visit time allocated.

The purpose of the day is to educate and inspire all students towards their future study and career goals and to provide them with as much assistance and information as possible.

This year the Expo will have the popular Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) focus that will include a special robotics presentation from Swinburne University; along with STEM guest speakers from RMIT, University of Melbourne, La Trobe and Swinburne. Other popular career areas will also be covered, including; design, sports, health, law, entertainment, food, apprenticeships and traineeships. Support and specialist presenters will include gap year opportunities, employment agencies and youth support foundations.

All major universities and TAFEs will provide an information booth, along with many leading private colleges. The Careers team will also host a booth where students will be able to explore WIRL Careers and also pick up a free ticket to the Spot Jobs Career Expo being held in August.

The year 11 and 12 students will nominate to attend a series of workshops and speeches before going to explore the display booths and gather information. The year 10’s will also participate in a pathways discussion with a panel of Universities and Vocational Education Providers.

The Year 9 students will focus on part-time/casual work, with a presenter from McDonalds to speak about employability skills, along with a separate workshop on interview and presentation techniques.

Special guests will include the Hume City Council, the Broadmeadows Police and several Penola alumni students, who are keen to return to Penola to share their study and career experiences.

During the week the Careers team are also hoping to see many students visit the Careers Office to make further enquiries.

On Friday 29th July the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) will be hosting a lunch-time presentation for all interested students.

The Careers team will provide further information and details of the day to all students prior to the Expo.


Dante Alighieri Poetry Recital Competition Finalists

CONGRATULATIONS to our Dante Alighieri Poetry Recital Competition Finalists!!!

On the 16th of June, 42 students of Year 11 Italian participated in the Dante Alighieri Poetry Recital Competitions competing with students from 70 secondary schools and almost 3,000 entrants from Years 9-12.

Most of our students have been awarded certificates for their excellent performance on the day with a large number being awarded Certificates of Merit, Honourable Mention or Excellence.

We are proud of all the participants!

We are especially proud of the following 4 students who were selected as Finalists. They will be attending the finals next Friday 22nd July at the University of Melbourne.

Vanessa Mocibob 10H

James La Fontaine 10J

Monica Yu 10E

Lauren Falcone 10B





All four finalists are Year 10 students accelerating in Year 11 Italian this year.

We wish our finalists the best for next Friday!


Ciao ragazzi!

On the 16th of June, the year 11 Italian students participated in the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition to immerse the students into Italian language. Weeks prior to the competition, we were given a choice of four poems to memorise to the best of their ability. To do this we had to rehearse, memorize and practice our chosen poem. It was the role of the students to be independent with their memorization.

The poetry competition took place at Melbourne University at 11:30 and upon arrival, we were directed into one of the lecture rooms at Melbourne Uni. From there, we were split into groups of students with an Italian background, and those without. In groups of eight, our names were called in alphabetical order when the assessors were ready for us. I think we speak for all when we say that everyone’s nerves really kicked in once their name was called out. We were taken into an elevator and directed into rooms where an assessor would be waiting for us. One by one we entered the examination room and performed our poems to the best of our ability. All the weeks of preparation came down to the last three minutes whilst inside, and I think it’s safe to say that in those last minutes everyone gave it their all. After completion of the competition, we trekked a 15-minute walk through the heavy rains of Melbourne to our final destination of Lygon Street. However along the way, we were given an amazing tour of Melbourne through the eyes of Prof. D’angelo. When we arrived at the restaurant we sat down in a room and enjoyed a beautiful Italian lunch of pizza at the Caffé Notturno. After the lunch we headed back into the buses to go back to school and be dismissed from there.

Overall we would say that this experience was beneficial to our study of the Italian Language. It opened our eyes to how the year 12 oral exams would be conducted, and allowed us to develop techniques in reciting poems in another language. We would definitely recommend that all Italian VCE students give it a go!

Grazie Prof D’angelo, Prof Graziano e Prof Di Castro per l’esperienza!

Jordan Bartekian & Rachael Benjamin


Sport Report:

Brett Dickinson


Needing a huge win to make the Grand Final, PCC made the trek out to CRC Melton with high hopes. Captain for the day Michael Dalrymple lost the toss and we kicked into a breeze in the first quarter. Instructed to play attacking and direct, the boys started off well with Daniel Bof & Matthew Bannardo setting up the team from the midfield, while Ovie Magbegor and Matthew Borg looked dangerous up forward.

Kicking with the wind in the second quarter, Penola weren’t able to capitalize on many forward line opportunities, managing only 2 goals.

At halftime Penola with a healthy 7 goal lead.

The second half saw a clinical performance from all players, they started to convert pressure around the ball into goals on the scoreboard. Anthony Ricupero and Peter Dispenziri both menacing when in the forward line, while Jed Taylor and Harry Hurley were both brave in the air on many occasions.

The last quarter culminated in a whitewash where straight kicking was on show. Twelve goals to Penola in total, in what was to be the best quarter of our Season.

The end result, a resounding 25 goal win to Penola.

PCC                   27.14.176

CRC Melton     04.02.26

Goals - Magbegor 6, Borg-4, Ricupero-4, Cavalarro-2, Dispenziri-2, El Sheik-2

Best - Magbegor, Dalrymple, Bof, Borg, Ricupero, Jones

Unfortunately in all likelihood the huge result will not be quite enough to get the team into the finals. Despite missing finals, it was a very successful season where the team lost only one match by the small margin of 5 points.

Well done to all boys involved in the program and in particular to the Year 12’s who are likely to have played their final match in the Penola strip!

Mr Reynolds and Mr Mills.


Senior Boys and Girls Soccer Round 1

Senior Football Match Report

Penola Catholic College, last year champions of Division 2 Senior Boys Soccer, had kicked off their season at Clifton Park Synthetic Pitch with a 1-0 loss against Caroline Chisholm at home. Penola had started the game very strong as they pressed hard against Chisholm through the middle during the first half. The defensive line was kept tightly holding off the Chisholm players to get through in attack. The only chance during the first half came from Year 10 Raphael Mati who missed a one on one challenge against the goalkeeper. Ricardo Menjivar suffered a knock just before halftime had to be taken off during the break. Caroline Chisholm began to weigh the pressure onto the Penola boys with their shots and counter attacks. Penola had conceded a free-kick near the box where it lead to the only goal of the game, the Chisholm player crossed in the ball from the spot and a player came from the middle nudged the ball into the back of the net. Few minutes after their goal, one of the players from Chisholm received a double yellow withdrawing him from the match. Penola had chances coming through after the red as an own goal was almost scored hitting the cross bar, Nick Basile shot a well-connected volley just over the bar and Carlos Matti had a finesse shot which almost went in on the far side of the post. Even though Penola lost this match, the bench was still stunned from the amazing footwork of both Carlos Matti and Nick Basile.

Senior Girls Netball

Last Round 16th June vs CRC Sydenham

With a full team that included 4 substitutes, our Penola side started well to be up 7 – 2 at the first break. The second quarter was more evenly matched between the teams as CRC goaled on every one of our turnovers. Solid performances from Ally O’Kearney and Carisma Robinson in defence and Amy Godfree in Centre/Wing Attack helped steady the ship in the third. Matilda Ryan (23 goals for the game) and Chloe Taylor in the goals held their ground for the whole game, both shooting at a high percentage. The last quarter saw our attack wane a little although we were too strong overall to win 33-19 which cemented our place in the Grand Final. Well done to the team for managing changes through the short breaks to allow all players to contribute.

Mrs Carew and Mrs Saunders


Grand Final 22nd June vs Kolbe

Having to play earlier in the day than usual and at the Mecca of Victorian Netball – the State Netball Centre in Parkville – didn’t deter the enthusiasm (and usual finals nerves) of the Penola line-up as they entered the stadium. The opposition were down on numbers – no players on the bench. Following a lovely rendition of the National Anthem in front of both sets of division finalists by our very own Huyen Nguyen, the team started with a strong desire to take home the cup. It did take a while to settle into the game and Kolbe took advantage of our passing errors to lead at quarter time. The second quarter saw a reversal in competitiveness and much improved passing sequences to steady the game and sneak into the lead. The third quarter saw Penola retain a comfortable lead as Kolbe’s lack of player numbers eventually saw their energy levels drop and our shooters Matilda Ryan and Chloe Taylor not letting the side down, keeping a nice balance and space in the circle, supported by Katrina Angerosa and Amy Godfree, with back up from Sarah Dawson. Solid defense skills were shown by Ally O’Kearney and Carisma Robinson throughout the game, making it tough for the opponent’s goal shooters on each attempt, with Ruby LaMancusa and Alex Gilpin ably pitching in when required. With 5 minutes to go, Kolbe had steadily reduced the lead to 1, however, thanks to an inspirational intercept from Carisma in the last few minutes and pressure in the centre court, Penola maintained possession in attack to win the game with a heart stopping 31-30! A great final supported by Mr Caldow and Mr Dickinson in the audience. We were also fortunate to have Mr Caldow present the medals to our diamonds at the final presentation. A great way to end the term!

Mrs Carew and Ms Saunders


Year 7 Premier League Sports report

Girls Volleyball

Our Girls’ Volleyball team decided we needed to get an expert coach in. We looked over and over for someone but couldn’t find anyone. We looked at the competition we were in and saw that there was one person who had been at all the grand finals for the last 5 years. It was Mrs Jones, so that’s who we hired. Over the five weeks the year 7 girls’ Volleyball team played against St Monica’s, Kolbe, CRC North Keilor, Salesian and Marymede Catholic Colleges.  Unfortunately, we lost our games but we have had very close scores, and their gaming skills increased tremendously.  During these games, all volleyball players gained respect for the other players, and learnt skills that have made our team better. If they had a couple more weeks, the team would have improved that much that we could have won our first game. Congratulations to all the girls and the terrific coach Mrs Jones.


Boys Volleyball

We needed to find a boys’ volleyball coach who was cool, calm and collected. We needed to look for someone who could work with older students if something got out of control; we had that covered. We also needed someone who could connect with the younger students. It was a big task finding someone with all these qualifications. We only had one applicant, but luckily he was perfect. It was Mr Smith! The first week of boys’ Volleyball we need to borrow a boy from the soccer team because our numbers were very short. Over the following days we picked up a few players and with the expertise of Mr Smith coaching these few talented boys, their skills improved dramatically. They were training in the huge area near the art room, where they would practice their setting and digging. When they got to the games, we had to learn how to serve as our gym is not ready just yet. They tried hard every week, and finally with some extra help from the Sports assistant Kathryn Ennor the boys had their first win against CRC North Keilor. Congratulations to all the boys and the very talented Mr Smith.


Girls Soccer

We had to think what was going to make a winning girls soccer team. We found our answer. Food, but who could we get to coach and to create food? That was an unusual combination. Who could we ever find to do both of those things at once? One day there was a cloud of black smoke and the smell of burnt toast. We all went to see who created this mess, but instead of a mess we found who we were looking for: Mr Halliwell. In the first few weeks of the competition the girls’ soccer team were very competitive and came so close every time, losing 1 – 0 each time. Unfortunately their enthusiasm was dropping. Then one day, all the way from the Broadmeadows campus, GOAL!!! So special, our first goal ever! Two minutes, later another GOAL!!! And then 2 more in the second half. First win of the season. Unfortunately this didn’t last long as we lost another couple of games. Finally out of know where I hear again GOAL, GOAL, GOAL!!! It was raining goals! We kicked 9 goals for the game. Tremendous way to finish the season. Well done to all the girls and the new recruit coach Mr Halliwell.


Boys Soccer

With a premiership under her belt, and a new team to mold we had an amazing coach ready for her next chapter in her coaching career. We had to pay her even more this year, as she was about to leave. We offered to give her a 200% pay rise, luckily for us Ms Farah said yes. Now with the premiership coach of 2015 at the helm, the boys looked to have it in the bag. They were very confident, and thought it was going to be an easy season. It came to the first game against St Monica’s and all of a sudden a big shock came to them. Unfortunately, we lost that game 6 – 0. From here we needed to start again, training hard, working together and playing as a team. It took us a while and different students in the team every week but we finally got our first win against Antonine College. The boys were full of beans and thought they could win the World Cup. This was a good way to finish off the season. Thanks to all the boys who played hard every week, and to the former premiership captain Miss Farah.


Girls Basketball

We expected some really high scores from the girls’ basketball team, and we needed someone who could count really high, and fast. Not many people can do this. We were almost out of options. Then we thought the enrichment maths teacher could probably do this, and she had experience. Lucky for us Mrs Prout was available. The season started off poorly for the girls because most of the girls interested were selected to play netball. That left not many for the amazing coach of Mrs Prout to choose from. She did an amazing job as there were only 5 to choose from and we needed 5 on the court to play. Saying this, they were very competitive throughout the season. We finally got another student, which made it easier as we finally got a person on the bench to give our girls a break. With some amazing training and drills, the students improved dramatically and we fought really hard and came away with 2 wins. Watch out year 8. They are on their way up to the top. Thanks again to all the girls and Mrs Prout for all their hard work.


Boys’ Basketball

Boys’ Basketball hasn’t always been a strong sport in year 7 premier league in the past, so we thought something needs to change. We decided we should go with experience, wisdom and years and years of expertise. Therefore it was a hard decision but Mr Todarello was finally selected. He then recruited 2 boys from year 8 to be his assistant coaches. From here the magic started. The students were trying out and the dream team was selected. Unfortunately the season started a bit more like a nightmare. We came so close but didn’t have a win for a while. Finally after going back to the drawing board and looking what the Golden State warriors were doing, our nightmare started to become an amazing dream full of points and wins. We finished off with 3 wins and 3 loses. Great work to the students and the coach Mr Todarello.


Boys AFL

The previous AFL coach was amazing, but unfortunately he was no longer available as he was now the sports co-ordinator. Who was going to fill these huge boots? Just like Cinderella we got all the staff to try on the boots and amazingly we found someone who fills them: Mr Dullard. But then Mr Walsh tried them on, and they also were a perfect fit, so we chose both of them. With the boots full it was now time to select a team. The students were ready, but when were we going to train? Sorry guys, your coaches were busy. Finally, once they had their strategies worked out, it was time to train. From day one they were on fire. The students had a win, and another one and another one, until we got to Salesian, where we had a shock loss. After that we came back strong and had some more wins. Finally we kept winning and made the grand final against our arch nemesis, Salesian. It was a close game, up by 4 points at half time, and a draw at three quarter time, but unfortunately we were beaten in the last quarter by 18 points. Bad luck boys, but we will come back next time and knock them off. Big thanks to all the players and the amazing Mr Dullard and Mr Walsh.


Girls Netball

We needed a strong coach for these girls if we wanted success, but we didn’t know who would be strong enough. We looked at some previous coaches but we didn’t believe it was going to be enough. We did remember that last year’s Sports co-ordinator, now year level Co-ordinator could be strong enough. Would she have time? Did she have the love of the sport? Did she want to coach? Yes! Yes! And Yes! Mrs Prescott was in. Now it was time for her to choose the team. Boy, was she harsh. You’re cut! You’re cut! You’re in well done! You’re cut! And the process went on. After lots of thought and students being cut, she had the team. This team was amazing, they were ruthless. They won all their games, not one problem. Finally they made the grand final against an unknown team of MacKillop. We went out to their home ground full of confidence, but unfortunately once we got there we realised we weren’t playing against girls, we were playing against giants. We tried our best, but we were just out-played. Losing the game 6 – 27. So close girls. There is one more game for the season and that is against the mighty Penola Staff. Fantastic Effort to all the students and to Mrs Prescott.



Sustainability Committee Conservation Session

To many, the first day of holidays was a day of relaxation and rejoice over the completion of a busy semester. However, for Sarah, Ashlee, Ruby, Julian, Natasha and myself, it was a welcomed opportunity to travel to the Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre to play our part in conserving our environment.

Upon arrival, we were given a briefing regarding the endangered species within the reserve. We were so grateful to see some of them first hand, including the extremely rare Eastern-Barred Bandicoot. It was great to see how our College’s fundraising efforts had contributed to the protection and breeding of animals that are extinct in the wild.

After this, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to work planting an abundance of small plants to revegetate an area of the reserve. We topped off our busy day with an intriguing night walk to see more endangered species in the wild.

This day  wouldn't have been made possible without the organisation and company of Mr and Mrs Alberto, as well as Ms Bruynen. We had a wonderful experience and would reccommend a trip like this to anyone!

Julia Montesano, Year 12


Parents and Friends Association

Introducing our President, Mr. Pat Moore

Pat Moore is the President of the Penola Catholic College Parents and Friends Association.  He is the youngest of six kids who all attended our former Colleges, Therry, Sancta Sophia and Geoghegan.

Pat is a father of three. Christopher is in Year 8 at Penola, Michael starts Year 7 next year and Jessica the year after.

Because of work commitments he had not had the opportunity to get involved with school life at Primary School but felt it was time to get a bit more involved in his kids education and the PFA seemed like a good way to do this.

Pat enjoys getting away camping when possible and, like many parents, spends every Sunday at the boys footy.  He is looking forward to summer coming back so he can dust off the barbie and the esky. He also enjoys a few lemonades around the Coonara on a Saturday night.

Pat says that he is hoping in his role with the PFA he can help to encourage other parents to become involved and have a say in the school community.

The PFA meet on the first Monday of every month at 7:30pm to discuss ways in which we can encourage and support family involvement and community building.  If you have some ideas we would love to have you along. During term three the meetings are held at the Glenroy Campus.

The next meeting is on the 1st of August – we would love to see you there!



Booking for the upcoming Penola Catholic College musical Hairspray is now open!

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Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation registered with all state and territory Departments of Education around Australia and with the Ministry of Education in NZ. We are the first and only secondary exchange organisation in Australia and New Zealand to be certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and we ensure the highest standards of care and support to our participants. 

We would like to invite your students and families to a FREE Information Evening in Melbourne on Wednesday, 27th July, 2016. The session is being held at the Ibis Melbourne Hotel and Apartments, 15-21 Therry Street, Melbourne and starts at 7:30pm. 

Students can find out more about our exchange programs to over 25 countries, listen to former exchange students share their experience and learn about our scholarships and discounts on offer in 2016. 

"You come back a different person, with so much more confidence & you feel that you can conquer the world"  Jessica, Semester Program to Italy

We would appreciate if you could please mention our upcoming information session in your newsletter or place a notice on the study room noticeboard. You can copy the below text or download our pdf notice from here. If you would prefer to receive the attachment in a different version, please respond to this email with your request.


Hear from returned students, find out more about
discounts and scholarships available and ask questions.

Wednesday, 27th July - 7.30pm

Ibis Melbourne Hotel and Apartments
15-21 Therry Street, 

Visit www.studentexchange.org.au

or call 1300 135 331 for more information



Second Hand Uniform Sales


Fortnightly: TUESDAYS at Broadmeadows Campus from 8.45am until 10.30am

Term 2:     31st May,  14th June

Term 3:     12th July, 26th July,  9th August,  23rd August,  6th September

Term 4:     4th October,  18th October,  8th November,  22nd November,  6th December

Anybody who wishes to sell their freshly dry cleaned second hand uniform items, can do so by leaving them at Reception.  A small fee will be charged for postage and handling.

All items must show they have been dry cleaned by having dry cleaning tag attached. 


Academy Uniforms

238 Wolseley Place,


Ph: 9460 8011

Academy Uniforms also run a school shop service at Broadmeadows Campus in the current second hand uniform area in the Mannes building on:

Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 9:30am

Thursday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:00pm


Academy Uniforms are now ON-LINE

- Simply go to www.academyuniforms.com.au


- Choose Penola Catholic College and enter password Broadmeadows

Orders can be sent to the School Shop or home address.


Penola Catholic College

Junior Campus: 35 William Street, Glenroy, VIC 3046
Senior Campus: 29 Gibson Street, Broadmeadows, VIC 3047

Postal Address:
PO Box 637, Glenroy, VIC

Telephone:(03) 9301-2777
Fax:(03) 9301-2770