Volume 13
3 September 2020


From the Principal: Mr Chris Caldow Vol 13

Year 12 Practice Exams

I had hoped to be able to report our arrangements for the Year 12 Practice Exams in the second week of the upcoming holidays (Monday 28 September – Thursday 1 October) but this decision will be delayed until we hear from our Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, on Sunday 6 September. At this stage there are 2 …

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From the Deputy Principal Head of Broadmeadows Campus: Ernie Pisani Vol 13

Dear parents, As we edge closer to the end of term, we look back with some relief that this phase of remote learning is coming to an end. Whilst we can be grateful that remote learning has provided a viable link for learning, it is a much more challenging option for many students and staff as well. Nonetheless the level …

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From the Deputy Principal Head of Learning & Teaching: John McKay Vol 13

Dear Students and Families,

As we continue to progress through the academic year, we have adjusted the way the end of the year will look for some of the students to do with their exams.  As such, it is important that the community is aware of the following changes to the way we will structure our exams.  We hope that …

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To enrol online please visit: 
Alternatively you can download a hard-copy here and post to:
PO Box 637, Glenroy,
3046, VIC, Australia
For any inquiries please email marketing@penola.vic.edu.au


From the VCAL Liaison: Arnel Davis

As we have now entered the business end of the year, I can’t stress the importance of outgoing Year 12’s applying for employment opportunities. Prior to this you may also wish to access some of the small workshops I am personally conducting at present, there is more information below. I have also organised a series of guest speakers from employment …

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A message from our Wellbeing Team

It’s been a particularly tough few weeks as we’ve moved into Stage 4 restrictions.  Many of us are understandably frustrated, scared and anxious because of the demands the restrictions have imposed on us.  There has been an increase in stress and anxiety as well as other issues which have surfaced for many staff, students and parents this time around.  There …

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CareMonkey has rebranded to Operoo!


Goodbye CareMonkey, hello Operoo.

From Monday 10th August 2020, we will be rebranding the CareMonkey product and company to ‘Operoo’.

We have loved the ‘CareMonkey’ name and hope you have too. It has served us well. I know many of you have enjoyed the playfulness of the brand and memorable CareMonkey mascot over the last seven years.

Importantly, when CareMonkey becomes Operoo, you won’t have to change anything about the way you use our product or engage with our team. You’ll continue to enjoy access to the same product features, support services and pricing with which you’re familiar.

Welcome to Operoo!

Operoo is the same product you already know, just with a different name. We have the same team, the same management and the same commitment to solving problems and helping you become operationally more efficient.

From Monday 10th August 2020, any users going to www.caremonkey.com or www.caremonkey.co.uk will be automatically diverted to our new website: www.operoo.com

You’ll also see a new Operoo App in app stores soon. However, the CareMonkey mobile app will continue to work as normal.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT https://www.operoo.com/2020/07/29/caremonkey-rebranding-to-operoo/


Sustainable School Shop

The Second-hand Uniform Shop will now be closed due to Covid-19 restrictions and being unable to allow parents on site.

We have now subscribed to the Sustainable School Shop where parents can buy and sell school uniform books calculators online. Please see the below information regarding the Sustainable School Shop.

Second-hand Uniform and Textbook Trading details here!

Jenny Vinten
Penola Catholic College
Business Manager



All students and staff  have access to a range of ebooks and audiobooks. 

Simply download the ePlatform by Wheelers app from your app store.  Find Penola Catholic College library and log in using your school username and password.


School Fee Accounts- Unidentified Payments

If parents can please check their school fees account as the College has had 2 large deposits made at a suburban branch and we cannot identify who these payments belong too. 

If you believe you have made payments and they are not showing on your account please contact the College accounts office 93012777.


Jenny Vinten - College Business Manager


Important information regarding School Fees and other payments

The College is NOW CLOSED for all payments

You may make payments using the following:

Direct Deposit/Internet Banking - please contact the Accounts office and we can provide the details you need to make payment this way

Bpay Payment – details are on your Statements to make payment or please contact us and we can provide the details

Bpoint Payment – details are on your Statements and can be paid by going to our Website and choose the e-payments link

Credit Card  - phone the College on 93012777 and select the School Fees Option between 8:30am-3:30pm. 

If you have any other school fee inquiries you can email schoolfees@penola.vic.edu.au 

Thank you.

All Academy Uniform purchases can now be made online or in-store at Academy Uniforms in Thomastown. 

To order online
- Go to Academy Uniforms
- Select 'Order online'
- Choose Penola Catholic College
- Enter password Broadmeadows

Orders can be sent to the College or your home address.

Please note: Academy Uniforms will no longer hold a store onsite at our College.

Academy Uniforms
238 Wolseley Place, Thomastown     
Ph: 9460 8011

Community News (Adverts/Sponsors)

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