As we have now entered the business end of the year, I can’t stress the importance of outgoing Year 12’s applying for employment opportunities.

Prior to this you may also wish to access some of the small workshops I am personally conducting at present, there is more information below. I have also organised a series of guest speakers from employment companies for the coming month, the next one coming up is at 7:00pm Monday, September 7. You will need to check your e-mail for the link. If not feel free to contact me.

There will be a number of students that have things lined up which is terrific, however the questions you may need to ask yourself are;

If I am commencing a Full time job, Apprenticeship or Traineeship;

  • Have I given notice to my part time employer? (Important)
  • Have I been signed up? (To the apprenticeship \ traineeship)
  • What is the start date?
  • What will I do for my own entertainment and money before hand?
  • Can I give myself another experience prior to commencing?

If I am waiting for a TAFE \ University course;

  • Can I organise a part time job now?
  • Have I let my current employer know my increased availability?
  • Can I organise a placement now?
  • Is it realistic for me to engage in work over the break?

Remember It pays to make sure we don’t put all our eggs in one basket in times like these. Employment like most things is a numbers game, so although you may be at stage 2 of a selection process do not let this stop you from applying for other opportunities. You can always politely decline an offer of employment If your circumstances change, but can easily be left on the couch If you don’t at least explore all available options.

I have stated before the COVID crisis is what it is, however you will create your own luck, and opportunities may come sooner than you think.

Keep an eye out for employment opportunities in your inboxes, as I send out opportunities as well as. There is also a call for an expression of interest from a local steel manufacturer, the potential opportunity is for a Boilermaker apprenticeship. Please send me an e-mail If interested.

If you have any questions around what the future may hold in this space please feel free to e-mail myself at

VCAL @ Work

Keys to the Switchboard. 

Dylan Keys this year commenced his Apprenticeship as an Electrician through the School based program.

Dylan works with local Electrical company EEC, and has combined his VCAL studies with his Certificate III in Electrical course.

I was lucky enough to visit Dylan in action at a domestic site in Craigieburn during the 1st stage of remote learning.

Dylan’s boss is happy with his progress given the limitations on a school based apprentice.

Dylan has shown a willingness to persist in pursuit of an apprenticeship and will benefit in the years to come.


LinkedIN  Workshops

“Capture and value experiences”

Creating your own brand and valuing your experiences.

Getting young people to value their experience, whether this be of a voluntary nature, or from previous employment experiences is a task.

I encourage the use of the professional media app. LinkedIN this helps students record experiences, certifications and qualifications  as they go.

For the last 5 years VCAL students have been introduced to the app. in Headstart.

The app \ website also provides potential immediate upload to applications like SEEK.

However the most underrated feature of the program is the opportunity to follow companies in both chain of supply and on site.

These companies will often post useful information on industry trends, as well as you guessed it employment opportunities.

At present I am conducting workshops and encouraging students to engage.

For more information contact;

The tools can wait

Zion Tulia is the latest Year 10 student student to gain a School based traineeship through the REECE group.

Zion commenced post the first COVID 19  lockdown, and is progressing well. At present the REECE group have suspended all trainees until COVID restrictions ease.

Zion (Left) is being trained by our outgoing trainee Antonio Chiodo. (Right)

Zion will combine his 2021 VCAL studies with work at REECE, and both Certificate II in Plumbing (Kangan) as well Certificate II in Warehousing and logistics (Murray Mallee).

The program at REECE will see Zion work 2 days per week, one nominated day and 1 Saturday (Half day). The opportunity to learn more about plumbing parts, and establish relationships with plumbers was important to Zion.

The next 2 years will see Zion strategically use selected days in his School holidays to link with a Plumber to get his practical fix.

The combination of experience in the chain of supply, and on site will set Zion up well come October 2022.

If you wish to apply to the REECE group, you may wish to book into the application sessions that I run. We learn about REECE group (including ACTROL, Metalflex and Viadux)  I provide an insight to the company and assist with applications.

Please note not all opportunities are immediately local, however a well performed student potentially has a job for life.

For more information contact;

He’s made his Mark

Penola Catholic College has a history beyond the 25 years, with mixed feelings around mergers it is good to know past students like Mark Micklethwaite a former Geoghan College student and owner of Double M Constructions keep an eye on the school. Mark has been good enough to take on a Structured Workplace Learning student for us in the past.

As one of our products Mark represents along with our other successful graduates that running a business is a real possibility. There is no greater ambassador for students to look at, If there are

past students who can also provide placements and guidance to students I’d love to hear from you

  • (03)9908 -9033

“I would like to acknowledge Penola Catholic College campuses are located on the ancestral lands of the (Woiworrung speaking) Gunung Willam Balluk People of the Wurundjeri”

This is just a short note around awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literacy day.

Celebrated and publicised by the Indigenous literacy foundation and spearheaded by prominent academic and author Anita Heiss, the day is one that represents the opportunity to encourage development of literacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Further to this there is the opportunity to share our stories, some that may or may not have been told on a wider scale.

Today I will nominate 3 stories, one that highlights bravery, skill and the ignorance of the early settlers in the New South Wales town of Gundagai. The story highlights the legendary deeds of  2 Wiradjuri men. The other 2 are celebrating other aspects of achievement one from a locally raised

Aboriginal athlete, the other an insight to returned Servicemen.

I have included my links below enjoy.

The Great Gundagai Flood


From Jacana to the big time


The forgotten Anzacs