Dear Students and Families,

As we continue to progress through the academic year, we have adjusted the way the end of the year will look for some of the students to do with their exams.  As such, it is important that the community is aware of the following changes to the way we will structure our exams.  We hope that by knowing now, you students are able to more effectively plan and prioritise their study habits.

Year 11s – exams will still take place, with an exam schedule.  This is particularly important as we have seen some universities this year using Year 11 results to allocate admission for Year 12 students.

Year 10s – there will be no exams, although some classes will run tasks in that final week, however these will take place in normal class time and each teacher will communicate that with students during Term 4.

Years 7 – 9 – there will be no exams.  For theses students, we will continue to teach the curriculum so that all parts of the learning and teaching can continue and allow students to continue to engage with learning, rather than sitting exams at the end of an irregular school year.


I wish you well for the remainder of the term.


John McKay