One of the secrets to success in educating students is the ability to get each student motivated to work towards established goals. The current lockout situation has changed the landscape somewhat, but the motivation to succeed should be a constant. Research has shown in the past that students with strong goals for educational outcomes, together with career goals, are destined for success. When students are dislocated from the educational setting, one of two things can happen: they can either lose their way or their objectives are so clear and strong that their personal motivation levels keep them well in tune with the learning experience and pointed in the right direction.

The focus in Term 3 is about pointing students towards the future. In this case the future can be next year or the next ten years. And so, there are many events planned for this term that should give students some level of interest and drive their motivation. The transition events, including vodcasts from tertiary institutions, the Heads of Learning and careers staff would have raised students’ awareness of the exciting choices that they can make for next year. Hopefully, the upcoming program/subject selection process will stimulate students towards making informed choices based on their interest levels and future goals. I wish students every success in navigating through this process.


Towards the send of last semester staff were asked to nominate students for a variety of awards. The Subject Award is given to the highest achieving student in each class indicating an excellent work ethic towards his/her studies in that class. The Academic Endeavour Award is presented to a student who achieved pleasing results but was not able to take out the Subject Award. The Certificate of Recognition recognises students who demonstrated excellent application to remote learning last term. These certificates will be mailed out to students in the coming days. Congratulations to all the award winners for their efforts during these trying days.

Student Leadership

Over the next few weeks students who have been involved in the Student Leadership Program will have an opportunity to contest the positions of College Captains and College Vice Captains for 2021. Because of the current global health situation and the school lockout, students will be addressing the college community online during the next two pastoral lessons, rather than in college assemblies. Voting for the preferred applicants will take place in the next fortnight. We wish each of the candidates every success for their campaign. We will keep you updated on the results over the coming weeks.

Best wishes

Ernie Pisani

Deputy Principal

Head of Senior Campus