The college coped well with the challenges that we experienced in Term 2. Both staff and students did their best to establish strategies for the continuation of an education for our   students. It seemed that things were slowly going back to some level of normality towards the end of term. However, given the nature of the coronavirus, the challenges continue and we are once again at the mercy of COVID-19. Having said this, the college has put in place strategies to ensure that students seeking the face to face mode of education can fully access it with measures put in place to keep them and our staff safe.

As difficult as remote learning was for most parents, one of the observations that we were able to make was that some students thrived in the remote learning phase of Term 2. This has opened the door for some discussion about blended learning for some students. Students who diligently and enthusiastically engaged in remote learning will be acknowledged by the college in the ensuing weeks.

Term 3

Term 3 is traditionally a very busy term as a number of important events take place. COVID-19 has enforced some changes to the program enforcing the cancellation of all sporting intra school competitions and has put in doubt events like the Year 10 Ball. Important careers and transition events (which give students information about programs and subjects available for study next year) will continue to take place in the remote setting. Parents are encouraged to keep abreast of the information that will be forthcoming in the Newsletter, through vodcasts and the college website about upcoming transition events.

Parent Teacher Student Partnership Meetings

It was pleasing to note that the recent Parent Teacher Student Partnership Meetings which took place remotely was well received by parents. It opens up a number of possibilities for future communication and/or meetings with parents. I thank those parents who engaged online for helping us to assess how things are going with the various modes of education that their children had to participate in.

Student Leadership Program

Another of the events that is affected by the lockout of students is the 2021 Student Leadership Program. However, we are being very strategic about how this program will emerge. Most of the activities and training will be online as will the presentation of students to the college community.

As we emerge from the Term 2 holidays and return to remote learning for some students, I take this opportunity to encourage parents to create good routines for their children. Students should be connecting online according to the day to day school timetable, including homeroom each morning from 8:35 to 8:45am. Year 11 and 12 students have homeroom on Monday and Tuesday mornings at the same time.

I wish all parents and students every success as we navigate our way as best as we can though unchartered waters.

Ernie Pisani

Deputy Principal

Head of Senior Campus