As we enter what hopefully is the beginning of the end for COVID restrictions around workplaces, it is important we continue to look for opportunities.

We must also realise there are still opportunities for meaningful placement and employment. The questions must be asked; Am I prepared to travel?; What can I do to give myself an edge?; Does the employment have to be relevant?; Will I get a job at the end of it?. A handful of sacrifices now may result in a firm outcome in the future. Below are some positive examples of perseverance and sacrifice from our program.

In the pipeline: After commencing his School based traineeship with REECE plumbing in 2018, Antonio Chiodo is now on track to be the Victorian School based Trainee of the year. Antonio has become the model REECE looks for when employing other School based trainees, although Antonio looks set to leave REECE to commence a plumbing apprenticeship through the relationships he’s forged, he is certainly looking at a return one day when he decides to get off the tools.

A typical week for someone in the REECE program looks like this:

Anyone interested in discussing the program should call me on (03)9908-9033 or e-mail me at , this is a great career path.

Barking up the right bonnet: Certificate II in Automotive student Samuel Barker is a shining example of hard work and persistence. Sam is driven by his obsession to become a mechanic, Sam’s willingness to learn and work has seen him placed with no less than 6 employers over his journey so far. The employers have included car mechanics, truck mechanics and service centres. The impressive thing is that some of these have occurred in the school holidays, which is further testament to Sam’s commitment to his own development.

Successful conversion: Having arrived at Penola mid January to finalise a placement a little earlier than most might have liked, Matt Gambin (pictured below) has managed to convert a pre-covid placement into employment. Matt now employed by Bunnings Broadmeadows franchise achieved the goal we discussed that January day. In a time where positive influencing is praised, he also urged his close mate James Casey to do the same, and he has experienced the same outcome. Both boys have different long term goals, but for the minute have secured out of school employment in an adult environment.