From the Head of Campus – Glenroy

It has been fantastic to see the return of all the students last Tuesday, will all the students settling back to face to face lessons and catching up with the staff and their peers.  While it has been a difficult time we hope that all students and their families feel supported and part of the Penola Catholic College community.

Social Distancing Measures

As social distancing measures are still in place it is important to have a conversation with your child about maintaining a safe distance and following the college’s expectations to social distancing within the classroom and yard.  Can parents please also ensure that they maintain social distancing around he school gates at the end of the day.

Uniform and School Bags

As stated in the previous bulletin students are permitted to wear the full college summer or winter uniform throughout the year but in Terms 2 and 3 students must wear the college blazer, as the outer garment to and from school.  Furthermore, as you know we are limiting the times students can go to their lockers and so have asked student bring their books and laptop in a small backpack that can fit on the back of a student chair.

Students Riding to School

It is fantastic to see a number of students riding their bikes, skateboard and scooters to school and while we encourage the practice there has been a number of students doing so without a helmet.  Apart from the safety aspect it is also a requirement by the Victorian road rules and therefore a finable offence. A 2016 Victorian study found that bicycle helmets reduced the chances of a serious head injury by almost 70 %.  Please ensure that your child is wearing a helmet if they are riding to school.

Thank you

Stuart Harrison