Dear Families,

If you have a child in Year 10 or 11, we are now accepting applications for students to change subjects.  Students can apply to change subjects, strictly, until June 22.  Students have been sent the links via email and it is also on their respective Year Level Page.  Students must inform their parents about their application, and the College will email the relevant parents too once we receive an application.

Students are also asked to speak with the Careers Team (and parents are invited into these conversations too) about their application to change subjects so that they can work through any potential and unforeseen outcomes such as prerequisite studies for tertiary education.  There are naturally some things which might restrict availability to change classes such as if the class is already full or if it is a full-year subject such as VET courses.

I invite all parents to engage fully in students’ subject choices to make sure they are basing their decisions on sound reasons such as interests and pathways post-secondary school.

Thank you,

John McKay