Faith and Mission at Home series

Please be aware that we are currently publishing our Faith and Mission at Home series on MyPenola each week. Please ensure to view these as it is our endeavour is to keep everyone within our extended College community connected with their faith during this challenging time of Covid 19 and “Stay at Home”. We are posting various vodcasts, which include Masses, paraliturgies, reflections, prayers and other faith-based activities to assist in keeping us all connected as a community of faith and provide support for one another. We wish to make this as participative as possible and so we will try to involve various members of our community (students, staff and parents/families) in our vodcasts, where possible. We hope that students and parents / families may be willing to assist us by participating in such vodcasts when requested.

Why “… Pray for one another”?

Each day in our Daily Prayer, we ask St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and St Joseph for their intercession and we also remind each other to “pray for one another”. Yet, what do we actually mean when we ask each other to, “To pray for one another” in our prayers? In the first instance, we are praying that God looks favourably on us all and bless our lives in a positive manner. However, in a deeper sense, it also is reminding us that there are others in our community, who we may or may not necessarily be aware of, that are troubled or struggling with the challenges that Covid 19 is placing before us. Some, who may have lost employment, who may be stressed managing children at home whilst balancing work commitments, who may be severely ill, or who may be feeling anxious or depressed through isolation; all who need our love and support, to know that we are thinking of them and walking with them during this difficult time. Our prayers of intercession for each other are a sign of this love and support and an acknowledgement that God will always be a presence in all our lives, providing us with a sense of hope, courage and strength. I ask that as we pray these final lines of our prayer each day that they not be just a recital but a true reminder that there are many amongst us who are truly in need of our intentions.

Our Covid 19 Faith Petition to St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and to St Joseph
The following prayer is our faith petition to our College Patron, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and to St Joseph during this period of difficulty, uncertainty and challenge for us all. A petition is a prayer that we pray in the hope that St Mary of the Cross and St Joseph might intercede or ask God, on our behalf, to ensure our protection and to give us the strength and courage to provide support to our families, friends and to each other. This petition, written by our College Chaplain, Fr Tony Cox, is one we would hope that everyone within our College community will pray on a daily basis, individually or perhaps as families, at a convenient and appropriate time for you.

Prayer to St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and St. Joseph.

St Mary of the Cross, our Saint and our Patron, you never ceased from your devotion to Jesus and with your deep faith you followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
Because of your belief in our God and also your own belief in your own Mission, you changed the course of history in our Australian Church.

You saw a need and you acted on it.
You listened to the whisperings of God in your heart and you believed in them.
We pray now for our world during this time of crisis, challenge and change.
Inspire within each of us a firm faith and may we continue to pray for our world and all peoples.

May we support and inspire, may we give hope
and above all, may we trust our God,
trust in your intercession,
trust in each other
and especially, trust in our own selves.

St Joseph, you too were challenged and you journeyed through uncertain times and yet, you did as you were asked.

May we all continue in our own journeys knowing that we are not alone.
Guide and strengthen all who are in positions of leadership, affirm those who are ministering, console all those who are afflicted and give solace to all those who mourn,
support to all those within our extended Penola Catholic College community who are unwell,
and for us, we ask for continued hope.


St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop … pray for us,
St. Joseph … pray for us,
And may we always remember … to pray for one another.