Dear parents,

The world seems to be plodding along despite the change in learning and teaching formats for your children and the school. A lot of work has been put into the digital mechanism for learning that we are currently using. Over the course of the past few weeks, staff have refined their technical skills to be able to deliver learning across the great divide. For the large part both staff and students seem to have successfully navigated through the new learning format.

In the media, much has been written or said to parents about how best to prepare your child for a day of study at home. If you asked me, the best advice I can give you (and you’ve heard this before) is:

  • that the area for study needs to a calm, comfortable, quiet area that provides a good environment for learning. No TV in sight; no Playstation or Xbox to be tempted by.
  • A solid routine needs to be established to make the study process habitual. The best routine is to imitate the school timetable at home.
  • The beginning of the school day is at 8:35. At that time, students should prepare for the day; have all their materials by their laptop, ensure that their laptop is charging, and a water bottle is handy.
  • By 8:50 students should have logged onto their first lesson and confirmed their attendance on MyPenola. The social stream provided in their class page is a useful form of communication should they need assistance from their teacher.
  • The rest of the day should follow their day’s timetable; with a break at 10:35 – 11:00 (recess) and another at 12:45 – 1:25 (lunch).

The college is very conscious of the welfare of the student. Included in the above routine should be the idea that a student should move around for a minute or two in-between lessons; and, as much as is possible enjoy the autumn air for their breaks. A consistent pattern of exercise during a given day (before or after school) is critical, as being stuck at home can limit the amount of physical activity that a body needs.

Being socially active (after the school day) on the digital platform is important for the student as it maintains critical relationships and provides a level of support to each other; a support formed through a network of friends that they have established over time.   Homeroom teachers, Year Level Coordinators and other staff are mostly available via email throughout a school day to assist with any of the concerns or queries that you may have. Please be patient as response to your emails may not be instantaneous because of other commitments that staff are involved with.

With best wishes for the road ahead!

Ernie Pisani

Deputy Principal

Head of Senior Campus