From the Deputy Principal Head of Learning & Teaching: John McKay Vol 4

//From the Deputy Principal Head of Learning & Teaching: John McKay Vol 4

From the Deputy Principal Head of Learning & Teaching: John McKay Vol 4

Dear Parents,

The last day of term (Friday March 27) was always scheduled to be Student-Free for our annual Staff Spirituality Day.  It will remain as a student-free day, however we will be trialing parts of our remote learning plan for students so that we can check whether students can access all of the necessary instructions/software that they need from home, in the event of a school closure in the future.  Students are not required to be available for the whole day, however we do ask that all students login to their MyPenola account from home and check their ability to access online material on the day.  Students will also have a very short (two questions) survey to complete so that the College is aware of any potential issues for our students.

Essentially, students access MyPenola, click on their timetable which will take them through to the instructions on their respective class pages and check that they can access the work for each class.  These tasks are predominately for our auditing purposes so that teachers can ensure all students have the skill and accessibility to engage with any future remote learning program.

If there are any issues, please see the table below so that you (or your child) know who to contact:

In the meantime, if your son/daughter is not at school while classes are being held on-campus, class coursework will be made available for each student on their subject’s MyPenola page, in the same manner as noted above.  This will be available for students at the conclusion of the face-to-face lesson and students who are absent are expected to complete the set work.  Teachers will not be creating separate online lessons for those students who are not attending school while the College remains open and we encourage all students, where appropriate, to attend classes.

Thank you for your understanding during this unique time.

Mr John McKay

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