Dear students and families,

Welcome to 2020 and an exciting year of learning for 2020.  As the new Deputy Principal for Learning and Teaching, I hope to ensure that all students at Penola Catholic College engage in the rich and meaningful learning programs offered by the College.  As the College celebrates its rich 25-year history, I invite all students to strive for excellence in their education and set themselves high expectations so that each opportunity to succeed in school is rewarding.  I am eager to continue the great work of the College to maximise the potential of each student and ensure that their learning is as rich and rewarding as possible.

As a means of introduction, I am a former student on Penola Catholic College, graduating in the class of 2003.  After graduating I completed a Bachelor of Arts (French, Japanese and International Relations), a Graduate Certificate in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education, a Masters of Education (Student Wellbeing) and a Masters in Leadership. I am a strong believer that education and learning is an essential part of a lifelong process which in enriched through families and schools.

I look forward to working with all members of our community over the coming years and thank the community for welcoming me back so warmly.

John McKay

Deputy Principal (Learning and Teaching)