Dear Parents and students,

I wish you all had a safe and restful Christmas break. As we see the new year in, I also wish you a very successful and productive 2020; a year in which the school celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. I particularly welcome students who are new to the College and wish them a happy and easy transition into their new school.

Campus Assembly

After a week back from the Christmas holidays, the teaching program is already well established and goals for the term have been set.  At the opening campus assembly I spoke about the challenges which lie ahead in the ensuing weeks and months. A focus was placed on being the best that we can be to ensure that the school experience is resoundingly successful and filled with moments of academic growth and personal development.


Meeting the challenges ahead

No doubt, challenges lie ahead for student, parents and the College to deal with and resolve. For the student there are the day to day challenges of meeting work and behavioural expectations. Over recent years Penola Catholic College have focussed on the expectations in these areas. We are delighted that for the most part students have met these expectations and improved their own personal standards to meet the criteria set by the College. We also recognise that some students find these challenges a little more difficult to deal with and require more encouragement and assistance to make slight improvements to the way they approach school life. Developing trusting relationships between students and staff, and parents and staff, is key factor in having a productive and happy experience; we look forward to this relationship.


Personal Digital Devices

The college standards with particular emphasis on behaviour, uniform and work were clearly articulated at the assembly last week. Each student and parent is encouraged to become familiar with these to ensure that they are being met. At the end of last year (and at the recent campus assembly), the College made some clear statements about the use of personal digital devices. Like many schools across Australia, the college has taken the step of banning the use of mobile phones and other digital devices during the school day. The following process is being applied for 2020:

Safer Internet Day and esafety

esafety has become a major talking point over the past few years. At school we often address the issue with our students. Last year we held a parent forum called Screenagers to highlight esafety and give parents some useful tips in setting up guidelines for the use of digital devices by their children. There are other resources which give parents guidance and online support.

Safety Internet Day will be celebrated on Tuesday 11 February 2020, with the theme ‘Together for a better internet’.  This day is about raising awareness about online safety issues. Parents can take part in a parent webinars – to discover safer ways to approach the use of online resources. For more information about Safer Internet Day and how we can work together for a better internet, visit

Please see the flyers attached for further information.

Best wishes for the year

During our 25th anniversary year, I look forward to establishing with parents an effective and happy partnership to ensure a productive and successful year for all students and staff. Best wishes for 2020.