Dear parents,

As the year nears completion and end of year exams are out of the way, students are busily into their learning program for 2020. The basic intention of the Headstart program is to give students an introduction into the course and start to establish some protocols for learning for that course. Students, particularly in the senior years, will be given some holiday homework which is expected to be completed by the first lesson into 2020. The homework continues the preparation and learning process and therefore is vital to the success of the learning experience.

Mobile Phone Ban

The mobile phone ban is in full swing now and the early reports are that students have coped with the ban quite well. As you may know the major incentives for the ban centred around removing some of the distractions that mobile phones can have on learning but also encouraging a more social atmosphere on the college grounds. Both seem to be working during these early stages of the ban. Parents are reminded that one of the consequences for breaching the ban requires parents having to come to the college to collect their child’s phone after the third offence. I thank students and parents for supporting this initiative and look forward to the continuing positive results of this initiative in 2020.

Attendance during Headstart

Attendance during these last few days of the year are vital, and absences during this time are registered in the student’s attendance record for the 2020 year. This will have implications on meeting the 80% attendance required to satisfactorily complete units of study in 2020.

End of year/start of year dates

Students will complete their final day for the 2019 on Thursday 5th December. Students will be dismissed at 3:10 and it is a compulsory day. The commencement date for 2020 is Friday January 31st.

To each and every parent, thank you for your support over the year. I wish every student and parent a safe and joyful Christmas

Ernie Pisani

Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus