From the Deputy Principal Head of Teaching and Learning: Nicole Allan Vol 16

//From the Deputy Principal Head of Teaching and Learning: Nicole Allan Vol 16

From the Deputy Principal Head of Teaching and Learning: Nicole Allan Vol 16

Booklists 2020

Booklists for next year will be distributed in class over the coming days. They will also be available on the MyPenola Curriculum-Subject Selection page.

This year there is an important new change for you to take note of. You will receive two booklists. These are:

  1. The whole booklist with every required resource listed
  2. An English novel booklist that only contains the English novel/s your son/daughter will be required to read in 2020

The only resource your son/daughter requires before Headstart is the English novel/novels. You pay for these online and then they will be delivered to the College for distribution to the students during English classes in Headstart.  The remaining texts (digital or print) and stationery items need to be purchased ready for the first day back at school in 2020.

We have rearranged the booklist this year in an effort to make things easier for parents. In particular, we have placed all stationery items in a separate section so that you can easily see what is required and organise for their purchase.

Please note that the English Novels are also on the main booklist however, you do not need to purchase them again if you have already done so on the separate English Novel booklist.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me or Campion direct if you have any questions at all.

Remar Gold Graduation

Last Tuesday our Gold Remar Rowers celebrated their graduation after three years of dedicated service to the program. The Northern Explorers continued to demonstrate how they had ‘sailed away from mediocrity’ through the powerful honouring’s each gave about the other. It was a joyous occasion celebrating all that is wonderful about our students, supported by the strong Remar framework. It was wonderful to have Executive members and the Remar ministry team present to help them celebrate. The Gold caravel 2019 are:

Paula Chico, Sabrina Batras, Dean Kimpton, Ben Portelli, Rhys Gargano, Connor Uren, Keldrik Cuison, Melissa Fry, Fr. Tony Cox and Nicole Allan

We thank Gilbert and James Mein for their assistance with the celebration.

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