End of Term/start of Term 4

Tomorrow is the final day of Term 3. Students will be dismissed at 3:10pm. The first day of Term 4 is Monday 7th October. Term 4 sees a change of uniform from winter to summer. I encourage all parents to ensure that by October 7th the summer uniform is ready for their child to wear. The Student Dress Code for summer can be found on the College Website and in the Student Planner.

Year 12 Practice exams

As mentioned in the last Newsletter Year 12 students studying the VCE program will sit their practise exams in readiness for their VCE exams later in the year. These exams are compulsory for all VCE students as they provide excellent preparation for the November exams. Students are required to be at school at least 15 minutes before their exam and to bring with them appropriate writing materials. Year Level Coordinators have already addressed students regarding the strict VCE conditions that will be applied for the exams. Mobile phones are not permitted on the students during the exam.

Screenagers – Growing up in the Digital Age”.

Parents and students are reminded that a special viewing of Screenagers will take place at the senior campus. The college have bought the rights to show the program to parents and their children to highlight the struggles that many families deal with regarding the increased use of social media and video games by young people. The film deals with the challenges presented by internet addiction and the impact this can have on everyday family life.

The screening will take place on Monday 14th October and the invitation is for all parents and students. The event, which starts at 6:00pm in the Mary MacKillop Auditorium, will commence with a viewing of the program and will finish with a Q & A session. This is an extremely good opportunity to get advice on one of society’s developing issues which affects students and families. For those who are interested, and have not yet registered their name, please ring Mrs Mary-Ann Masters on 93012738.

Survey on mobile phones/school uniform

In light of the Victorian Government’s decision to ban phones from schools the college is considering its position on mobile phones. The College Executive seeks your views about this issue to make an informed decision for 2020. To facilitate this, during the first week of Term 4 a survey will go out to parents to access their views on a range of issues associated with mobile phones. The survey will also seek your views on the school uniform. An SMS will be sent to you on the first Monday back.

Student Scholarships

Attached to this Newsletter is information regarding the availability of college scholarships for students from Years 7 – 11. The scholarships are given under four categories which students can apply for: Academic, Cocurricular Involvement, Community Spirit and Personal Endeavour. Each of these four areas have criteria which students must satisfy in their application. The application forms can be obtained from the Campus Offices and all applications must be returned by Friday October 11.

I wish all staff and students a safe and restful term break.

Ernie Pisani