Thank you to those families that took the time to complete the CEMSIS (Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys).  These surveys will assist Penola Catholic College in collecting data and feedback on the best way the college can make improvements that will enhance your childs educational experience.

Tuesday and Thursday Screen Ban

Your Year 7 or 8 son or daughter was given a letter this week and also heard in an assembly on a screen ban at the Glenroy Campus for Tuesday’s and Thursdays for Term 4.  As stated in the letter to better understand the context of this ban it has occurred due to an initial ban in the Glenroy ERC (library) during recess and lunchtimes twice a week. We have found many students spending their recess and lunchtimes playing computer games in the ERC , which lead to Screen Free Day in the Glenroy ERC on Tuesday and Thursday’s and replacing this with board games and Lego days.  While some students have taken the opportunity to play board games and Lego, in the main students have moved to other indoor areas around the campus to continue their screen time use.

As a result for Term 4 the Glenroy Campus will trial screen free days (both laptops and phones) both Tuesday and Thursday’s during recess and lunch in an effort to have students disconnect from their personal devices and engage more with their peers. Students found on their laptops will be asked to put them in their lockers, while mobile phones will follow an edited version of our current digital device disciplinary policy as seen in the table below:

I understand that students may be resistant to this screen ban, especially around their mobile phones but at this stage it is a trial for Term 4, only on the Glenroy Campus at recess and lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday’s. This ban is not meant to be punitive but a way to ensure students reduce their screen time but more importantly spend their recess and lunches having meaningful interactions with their peers. As many of you are aware we are considering a mobile phone ban for 2020 and this trial will form part of the decision making process. If you require any further assistance please feel free to contact me at the college.