It was the 21st of March 2019 when an amazing thing happened!

Japanese students from our sister school in Japan came to visit us here at the Glenroy campus. We were so enthusiastic about them coming here, my homeroom 8F got to see the first three Japanese students who came with their homestay people and we welcomed them with warm smiles and had the same response from them. They seemed excited, just like us.

After that they went with Ms Irihama to meet the other Japanese students who had been bussed from the Broadmeadows campus. During recces time people from Japanese club got to hang out with them, we all ate free pastries etc. and we also met the two kind Japanese teachers that came with them. While we were there we had interesting conversations with them about studying in Japan, what they like about Australia and what places they have visited and a lot more.

They also joined our Japanese CLIL class and we recited our memorised lines for them about the Bayeux Tapestry. Then we played a game of snap with them using Japanese words, and after that we picked J-pop songs to put onto my Penola. The bell rang, and we went to the art room to have lunch with them and had more fun! And when it was time for them to go we had a group photo together, we shook hands and said our good-byes. It was definitely a japamazing day for all of us.

Written by: Jameila Razon 8F J


On Friday the 15th of March at 7.30am, Japanese students from Dokkyo Saitama High school landed in Melbourne. Itching to do some activities after their 10 ½ hour flight, they headed off by bus to Southbank, and walked along the edge of the Yarra River. They also took the elevator up the massive 297.3-metre-tall Eureka Skydeck.

At around 2.00pm the Japanese students arrived back at Penola and were greeted by their family for the next 10 days. Refusing to admit they were tired, they settled in, unpacked, and got ready for a family fun night. Over the weekend, the individual families took their exchange student on adventures they would not forget. I took my student to see kangaroos, visit a friend, DFO and the city. Some of the individual attractions we experienced in the city were the Melbourne Star, Hosier Lane, and the Hopetoun Tea Rooms.

During the school week, the Japanese students attended multiple classes including, Aboriginal Art, Australian Cooking, A.F.L, and Japanese. Also, they had several excursions to: Queen Victoria Market, the M.C.G, and to Phillip island. The Phillip Island excursion was a full day trip, departure at 9.00am and arrival back at Penola at around 11.00pm. On the Thursday, the thank you dinner took place.

Again, the weekend was for the families to enjoy, leaving it up to them to decide what to do. I took my homestay student to my netball match, Healesville Sanctuary, a football match, an Indian restaurant, and to Artvo in Docklands. On Monday it was all tears and hugs, preparing to say goodbye to our hopefully lifelong friends. The Japanese students left and flew to Sydney, ready to start their next journey.

Hosting an exchange student was an amazing experience, and I am sure that everyone would agree that it was very different to the norm, opening your house up to a stranger and letting them into your family life and eat your food. I would definitely do it again.

Grace Jory 8G