From the Deputy Principal Head of Faith & Mission: Robert Dullard Vol 4

//From the Deputy Principal Head of Faith & Mission: Robert Dullard Vol 4

From the Deputy Principal Head of Faith & Mission: Robert Dullard Vol 4

Year 8 Religious Education Excursions

During the first week of March, year 8 students attended an excursion to various places of worship in East Melbourne as part of their term 1 work in Religious Education. Places visited included St Patrick’s Cathedral, The East Melbourne Synagogue, St Nicholas Antiochian Church and Our Lady of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.

In class students have been exploring the Eastern Catholic rites and what it means to belong to the Catholic Church.

The excursions provided a fantastic opportunity for students to grow in their knowledge and understanding and supported them in investigating the focus question for term 1 Religious Education; ‘What tells me I belong?’

The Plenary Council

A Plenary Council is the highest formal gathering of all local churches in a country.  A Plenary Council or Synod, can discuss and legislate on a wide range of issues, including matters of faith, morals and discipline.  The last time a Plenary council was held in Australia was in 1937 and prior to that in 1885, 1995 and 1905.

The Australian  Catholic Bishops Conference has identified that, ‘The circumstances of the Church in Australia in our time, including the patterns of change that are evident within the community of the Church, the issues confronting the Church in modern multicultural and secular society, the increase in entrusting responsibility for and leadership of the Church’s mission to laity, and even the changing face of the Episcopate, prompt the Church to review, analyse and discern the signs of the times, to listen anew to the Spirit, and to chart its course into the future.’  Accordingly, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has decided to celebrate a plenary Council for the Church in Australia in 2020.

Pope Francis identifies a synodal church as a church ‘which listens, which realises that listening is more than simply hearing.’  It is a mutual listening in which everyone has something to learn.  The faithful people, the college of bishops, the Bishop of Rome: all listening to each other, and all listening to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.

2018 The Year of Listening        2019 The Year of Discerning      2020 The Year of Proposing

As we all keep preparing, let us keep in mind the words of Pope Francis:

” Communicating means sharing, and sharing demands listening and acceptance.  Listening is much more than simply hearing.  hearing is about receiving information, while listening is about communication, and calls for closeness.  Listening allows us to get things right, and not simply to be passive onlookers. users or consumers.  Listening also means being able to share questions and doubts, to journey side by side, to banish all claims to absolute power and to put our abilities and gifts at the service of the common good”.

If you would like to read further on this milestone you can look at

(Fr) Tony Cox ssc.

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