Students are well into the year now and a number of calendared events have already taken place. The Year 12 retreats, the Opening College Assembly and the Opening Mass have been successful events which give the college opportunity to set the stage for a successful year. As term 1 is an extremely busy term, there are a number of other scheduled events in the forthcoming weeks: the Swimming Carnival, Year 7 and 9 camps and the Athletics Carnival are among them.

Change of date

The Student Planner lists Tuesday 26th February as a student free day. Please note that this date has been changed and that next Tuesday is designated as a normal school day. The student free day has now been shifted to Friday 15th March.

The Rites of Passage Institute

The transition from child to adolescent and adolescent to adult can be a confusing and challenging time for students. No doubt, the challenges are there for the parents as well. Over the course of this year the Rites of Passage Institute has been employed by the college to work though some of the common issues of this transition with students in Years 8 through to Year 11. These issues may include resilience, self-esteem, self-management of decision-making and behaviour.  They will also work with staff to identify some of the key emerging issues and give ideas on working through them. I will give updates of this program in the Newsletter throughout the year.


As mentioned in the last Newsletter a significant opportunity to meet your child’s teachers is available on Wednesday February 27th in the first Parent Teacher Student Partnership Meetings (PTSPM) for the year. This opportunity is invaluable as conversations on your child’s needs, the early study patterns that are developing for your child, and any other pressing issues that may be worthwhile discussing can take place at these meetings.

At the Senior Campus this year the PTSPMs will be held in two venues: the Assembly and Sports Hall (ASH) for Years 9 – 11 students and the Shortis Building for Year 12s.  The parent portal is now open for parents to make interview times. There are two interview sessions available to parents (see table below).

Students will finish at the end of Period 5 (2:18pm) on this day to accommodate an early start to the PTSPMs as per the table below. Each interview will be allocated 10 min.

The Parent Information Evening (PIN) is being held on the same night as the PTSPMs. The Parent Information session will go for about 40 minutes starting at 5:40 (during the staff dinner break) and will take place in four separate venues (see table below). Year-level specific information will be addressed at these information sessions and are, therefore, an invaluable source of information to parents.

Program for the Night: