From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo Vol. 18

//From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo Vol. 18

From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo Vol. 18



We have come to the end of another fantastic year at Penola Catholic College. We have enjoyed watching our students grow and develop in every aspect of school life. One of the highlights for me has been working with many student leaders, especially Brooke Davids, Mason Bradford, Chanilka Arachchage and Vishnu Satish, to discuss how to enhance the ‘Culture of Learning’ at Penola.

The Year 7-11 students will have received all of their marked examination papers by the end of this week. It is important that students review their strengths and weaknesses under examination conditions. Sitting examinations requires developing a number of important skills over time.

The Headstart Program concludes next week for Years 9-12, 2019. Students have been optimistic energised and focused in their approach to their new subjects and teachers. To maximise the benefits of the Headstart program, students are advised to complete all the set holiday homework and set themselves up for a successful start to 2019 with healthy routines and good study habits. It is essential that we all make a ‘Fresh start in Headstart’. If all of the resources required have not yet been purchased, the Campion Education website will continue to remain open over the holidays, allowing parents to purchase all of the digital and print resources that are listed for each subject, in readiness for Term 1.

I would like to remind parents and students that the digital resources listed for some subjects such as Edrolo and Education Perfect are compulsory and are to be purchased via Campion Education, as previously advised. Digital resources provide access to learning and skill development from any digital device, at any time and reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom.

The senior students are now well into their 2019 programs of study. No further subject changes will occur until the end of Semester 1. It is important that students settle into the decisions that they have made, work consistently and enjoy developing new skills and knowledge.

Reporting to Parents   

This year we continued to use MyPenola for posting due work and for continuous reporting to students and parents as assessment tasks have been assessed. The Semester Two Reports will be available to parents and students online by Friday 14th December.

Thank you to all of the Penola Catholic College community, students, parents and staff, for the commitment to continual improvement by working together to ensure that we provide a high quality education for all. I would like to thank all of the members of this vibrant community for the support I have received in my work with students, staff and parents. It has been truly inspirational and a privilege to serve this community for the past 14 years.

Wishing everyone a very special Christmas.

May you have a great start to the New Year and enjoy happy, safe and rejuvenating holidays!

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