From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo Vol. 17

//From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo Vol. 17

From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo Vol. 17


Congratulations to all of the Year 9-11 students this week!


Year 7 & 8 examinations take place on Monday 19th November as previously advised.


The Year 12 VCE Examinations are progressing very well and will conclude on Wednesday 21st November.


Headstart & Campion Booklists/Digital Resources Years 10-12, 2019

The website at Campion remains open for further orders to be placed. Please note that Edrolo and Language Perfect or Education Perfect, where listed, are compulsory items and are to be purchased via Campion. Students will not have access to digital resources if payments are not made.

Any further orders for hard copy/printed texts for Years 10-12, 2019 need to be placed online for home delivery as the delivery to school has already been made this week.

Please note that any of the compulsory Digital Subscriptions ordered, such as Edrolo or Education Perfect, or any College Produced resources appear as a separate subtotal titled School Fee, once payment is required on the Campion website.


Campion Booklists/Digital Resources Year 7 -9, 2019

Year 7 & 8 students will be receiving the Campion Resources Lists this week. The orders need to be placed online by 7th December 2018. All Year 7-9 student accounts for the digital resources will be set up and activated ready for classes next year. Please note that students will not have access to digital resources until parents finalise their payments with Campion.

We recommend that parents/guardians complete the online booklist orders together with their children. Support will be provided to parents/guardians who need assistance on Friday 7th December from 9.00-10.30pm and from 2.00pm – 3.00pm at the Glenroy campus. We will advise when these sessions have been arranged.


HEADSTART PROGRAM: 21st November – 6th December 2018

Headstart it is a wonderful opportunity for all students to set new goals for a new beginning. Students are strongly encouraged to use the long weekend to relax, enjoy the break and be organised with all they need to start next week with a fresh and optimistic mindset, as they begin the 2019 courses. Year 8 students going into Year 9 will have a four day Headstart Program from the 3rd – 6th December at the Senior Campus.

Lucy D’Angelo

Deputy Principal
Teaching & Learning


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