From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo

//From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo

From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo

It is time once again for all Year 7 to Year 11 students to make their subject selections for 2019. Year Level Assemblies have already been held to explain the entire transition process to students at the Senior Campus and they have already had a few pastoral lessons dedicated to looking forward to their bright futures regarding various pathways and opportunities available to them. All Year 8, 9 & 10 students will have individual Course Advice sessions over the next week. The Year 10 Course Advice sessions began today.

Students will receive an email with detailed instructions to their individual Penola Catholic College email account. The email will explain how to complete the online subject selections for 2019.

Students will have two opportunities to complete the online form and confirm their selections prior to submitting. They will need to print the receipt document for parent/guardian and student signatures, and then submit to their Homeroom Teachers.

Year 9 and 10 Accelerated Studies applications are not available on-line; therefore, students must collect an application form from the Campus Office and submit it by the 22nd August. VCAL & Year 10 Vocational Pathways applications were due last week and interviews are currently underway.

The Year Level Co-ordinators and Homeroom Teachers can assist at any stage if help is required.  Students must ensure that they open the email and follow the instructions when it arrives.

Opening & Closing dates for online selection for each year level:

  • Year 7             10th – 31st August
  • Year 8             13th  – 28th August
  • Year 9             16th – 28th August
  • Years 10 & 11             10th – 24th August

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More about Transition 2018-2019 and more …

Senior Programs Evening Feedback & Data 

Thank you to all of the parents and students of Year 9 & 10 who attended the new format of the Senior Programs Evening on 24th July. We had excellent attendance and participation. While we have thought about some enhancements we can make next year, overwhelmingly it was a successful event, thanks to the huge efforts of all of the staff involved!

Here are some comments from parents captured on the night:

  • Loved the idea of Q & A sessions
  • Good to see and talk to the institutions (what a great idea!!)
  • We got so much out of talking to the teachers teaching the actual subjects
  • I now have so much information in my hands to go home and talk to my child about
  • VCAL session was helpful and it all made more sense when a few details were clarified
  • Great to have YLC’s welcoming parents and seeing familiar faces
  • Thank you! There is so much on offer! 

Year 7 & 8 Subject Selection Parent Information Evening

This was the first time we held a parent information session for Year 7 & 8 parents due to the changes that are taking place for 2019. This was also a great success! Thank you to all of the parents who attended. Thank you also to all of the staff that prepared for and attended the evening to ensure the sessions were informative for parents so that they can be more involved in supporting their children’s subject choices for 2019.



Our third Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews will take place on Thursday 23rd August on BOTH the Glenroy and Broadmeadows Campuses. This will provide important information to parents/guardians as to how well students are implementing suggestions for improvement made during semester one and how they have approached the start of the new semester. Especially for Years 11 & 12 students, this allows sufficient time for adjustments to their study habits before the final VCE exams. Parents are encouraged to make appointments with as many teachers as possible. Students are required to attend these important meetings with their parents.

Feedback from the surveys conducted last term indicated that there were many benefits from the introduction of the concept of Student-led Conferences. We will continue to encourage our students to take the lead at the next PTSPM session.

  • The online booking system to make appointments with teachers will open next week.
  • The Parent-Teacher-Student Meetings have been scheduled for:
    • Thursday 23rd August from 4.00pm – 8.30 pm

Sample Testing: VCAA Assessors, ACARA Online NAPLAN Trials & PISA

VCAA – The Arts

In 2018 the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is conducting assessments in The Arts with a sample of schools across Victoria to support the Education State Targets. These sample assessments are conducted annually by the VCAA, with a specific focus on excellence in Visual Arts, Media Arts, Music and Dance amongst year 6 and year 10 students.

We were nominated this year to participate in these assessments. On Monday 6th August, Artworks from 25 students were selected from Monica Tromp, Danny Diaz and Francesca Pascalis’ classes to be examined by the assessors. Two representatives from the VCAA visited the College to conduct these assessments.

ACARA Trial Online NAPLAN Assessments for Year 9

One of our Year 9 classes will be tested on the Wednesday 15th August during periods 3 – 6. They will be taking a Reading and Numeracy test, 85 minutes each. All of the students have been randomly selected and their parents have been informed.

PISA Testing

This year, 30 students have been selected to participate in these assessments on the 22nd August. All of the students have been randomly selected and their parents have been informed.

From the Deputy of Teaching and Learning

Lucy D’Angelo

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