From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo

//From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo

From the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning Lucy D’Angelo

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we approach the end of Term 2, we are finalising the semester one reports and reflecting on the first semester of 2018 as well as planning for, and looking forward to Term 3.

Parent Survey Regarding the Parent-Teacher-Student Partnership Meetings (PTSPM) held on Thursday 24th May, 2018.

Our first Penola Catholic College Student-led Conferences took place this term. As we plan for our next PTSPMs, we are seeking your feedback as well as the feedback from students and teachers. On Monday the 18th June, all parents and students were sent a MyPenola Notification through Community News with a link to the survey.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback as we plan for next term. Please follow this link to the complete the short Parent Survey.




Since introducing Continuous Reporting via MyPenola, the Semester One Reports provide a summary of the learning undertaken throughout semester one and information about student performance in the common assessment tasks completed, as well as the work habits students displayed. Feedback is provided to students in various ways and parents have access to comments or rubrics that are posted on MyPenola.

The reports will be uploaded on the Parent Portal by the 3rd July in the first week of the holidays. Parents can request the 2018 Semester One Report to be printed by contacting Jane O’Rourke via email:

We would all hope that our students feel proud of their efforts and achievements and that they can see and celebrate the growth they have made over the semester.

All reports from past years are archived and can be viewed and printed by parents if they wish to access a copy of a previous report via MyPenola.



(Repeat of Notification also sent via MyPenola to parents and students on 20th June)

All Year 10 & 11 students who have started new subjects in Semester 2 need to ensure they have all the necessary resources – both digital and print, as well as any other materials required for the subject(s).

All resources, both digital and hard copy (except Edrolo), can still be ordered online via the Campion Website.  Hard copy textbooks can also be purchased directly from the Campion store, or second hand, if available.

All students MUST have their Semester 2 resources by 25th June, at the latest, to ensure students do not fall too far behind.


Any outstanding payments for digital resources must be finalised by the end of this term.

Thank you for ensuring that your children have all of the resources required to make their learning effective.



On Tuesday 24th July there are two very important information sessions taking place to inform Year 9 & 10 students and parents/guardians about Year 10-12 programs and subjects choices available for 2019. Parents are required to attend these sessions as they will be issued an information pack and the Senior Programs Handbook for 2019. They will have an opportunity to speak with VCE, VET & VCAL teachers regarding career pathways and subject choices.

The format has changed this year to provide more time with a number of universities, employment organisations that will be attending so that parents and students can seek information together.

We will provide more details at the start of next term. The session times will be as follows:

  • Current Year 9 students and parents/guardians:
    • 4:15–6:00pm
  • Current Year 10 students and parents/guardians:
    • 6:30–8:00pm



STEAM Projects are coming into Years 7 & 8 in 2019

Dr Adrian Bertolini, Director of Learning, Intuyu Consulting has begun working with our Heads of Learning on developing new STEAM Projects for next year.

Also, Mrs. Gwen Prout is trialling some exciting STEM with one of her Year 8 classes next week. We look forward to gaining some insights into the work they do next week!

What is STEM or STEAM? An international focus on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics – STEM.  By adding in the “A”, we add in Arts as in the university or broad definition of Arts which includes Languages, Humanities and more. Next week the Glenroy Campus Heads of Learning begin working on introducing STEAM. We will keep you informed!

Wishing everyone a successful end to semester one!


Lucy D’Angelo

Deputy Principal -Teaching & Learning

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