From the Deputy Principal Head of Broadmeadows Campus: Ernie Pisani

//From the Deputy Principal Head of Broadmeadows Campus: Ernie Pisani

From the Deputy Principal Head of Broadmeadows Campus: Ernie Pisani

Dear parents,

This term is a fast moving term with a number of programs and events filling the calendar. The Student leadership Program has a been a success thus far and students are gearing up for the application process for school leadership positions for 2019. In the next few days students who have applied for the positions of College Captain and College Vice-Captain will be interviewed by a panel and then if successful, they will speak at the Leadership Assembly on the 17th August. We wish these students well and thank them for their endeavours in being good role models for other students.

Parent Teacher Student Partnership Meetings

The next Parent Teacher Student Partnership Meetings (PTSPMs) will take place on Thursday 23rd August. Given that this is the first PTSPMs for the Semester Two, and the first since the Semester One Reports, it is a significantly important opportunity for parents and students to recognise how they are travelling. The parental portal will be opened for parents to make interviews from 12:00pm Wednesday 15th August. Each interview will have a 7 minute time limit to ensure the smooth running of the afternoon. The venue for all interviews/meetings will be attached to your timetable of meetings.

Accessing the college driveway

Health and safety is an important aspect of any school. Given the pedestrian and car traffic that access the college driveway and the car park at the beginning and end of the day, parents are asked not to use the college driveway or the car park when dropping off or picking up students. This is a clearway to ensure that pedestrian safety is maintained during those times. Exceptions to this rule can be applied because of student illness or a physical immobility issue. When this is the case please contact the receptionist to access the drive way.

School Uniform

The student dress code or personal grooming is one that is significantly confused or even challenged. Our dress code is in line with the expectations of most Catholic schools and is strictly enforced, ensuring that our student body represent our college commendably. There are specific rules that are listed on the student planner (pp.16 – 18) and the College website which clearly identify the expectations. These are listed for the benefit of all so that there is clarity and little room for misinformation or confusion. Whilst we recognise that in some instances, there may be extenuating circumstances preventing students from wearing the correct uniform, we would expect that every effort is made to comply with the uniform standards. Over the past few days there has been a blitz on certain aspects of the uniform to ensure that the standards that we apply are in line with the values of the school.

Ernie Pisani

Deputy Principal: Head of Senior Campus

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